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On Eve of the Day of Knowledge Funny Clowns Visit Children at the Orphanage

December 13, 2012, 10:00 2935 Author: Yulia Akhtman, translated by Evgenia Wasilenko klubok.org.ua Two funny friends brought many children bright emotions and good humor. Joyful emotions and fond memories will always remain in memory of children

Pupils of the Zaporozhye orphanage for boys enjoyed a clowns’ visit. Funny emotions - laughter and joy they brought made that rainy evening special. On eve of the Day of Knowledge clowns, professional actors Victor Latyshev and Alex Biletsky together with an organization "Kazkovy Svit" (“The World of Fairy Tales”), prepared an interesting entertainment program with games, competitions and funny jokes. Fancy costumes, beautiful toys and direct participation in the program will always remain in memories of children.

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It was important to play with these special children since it develops their social experience. The game is a good method of upbringing and communication. Such activities also develop thinking, memory and speech.

There are currently 109 boys with special needs in the Zaporozhye orphanage. The oldest pupil is 27 years old. One can stay there till the age of 35. Then grownups are transferred to Psychiatric hospitals for adults. According to the teachers only 35 boys at the orphanage are occasionally visited by their parents. For the rest of the 74 boys - their group and boarding staff are the closest friends and family.

The orphanage is located on the Velukuy Lyg, Donetsk street, 18, in the direction of the village Vladimirskoe. The building is located near the " Velukuy Lyg " resort. You can get there by public transport from Prospect Metallurgov.

The "Happy Child” charity foundation thanks "Kazkovy Svit” Art studio, namely:

Arina Kristeva for gorgeous, bright and modern costumes;

Actors of the Zaporizhzhya Youth Theater - Victor Latyshev and Alexei Biletskiy for great fun they have brought to the children.

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