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Andrey Lysenko, born in 2011 - short bowel syndrome

February 16, 2013, 20:00 3998 Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to your kind support and treatment in Germany little Andrey is getting better!

Andrey Lysenko, born on 18th of January 2011

Diagnosis: Midgut volvulus, small bowel necrosis, postsurgical condition, short bowel syndrome, congenital pneumonia, postnatal iron deficiency (second stage).

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ATTENTION (19.04.2013).:

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to your kind support and treatment in Germany little Andrey is getting better! Thank you very much!


Should one make a list of everyday problems a single mother has to face? Within 24 hours single moms have to manage things that are not even easy for two parents. One can hardly imagine the desperate feelings of a single mom whose little baby is seriously ill.

18th of January was the happiest day for the Lysenko family. It was the day they became happy parents of their first child Andrey. Although the baby boy was rather weak, there seemed to be no reasons for concerns. The following day, when Andrey was baptized, the physicians noticed some strange symptoms and urgently took the little one to the intensive care unit. It took great effort to stop the boy’s hemorrhage. Natalya, Andrey’s mother, was out of her mind with fear and despair. She dreamt of helping her son take his first steps, pushing him on a park swing, and enjoying his happy smiles and warm hugs in return. The life of her precious boy lay in the arms of the physicians. Thankfully, he made it! This brave little fighter survived despite all the bad perspectives. Andrey’s condition was successfully stabilized by removing his small bowel. His diagnosis was soon confirmed: small bowel necrosis that means a life-long disability…

As a two-year old boy Andrey weighs just 7,5 kilos. At the beginning of 2012 Natalya went with her son to OKHTMATDET clinic in Kyiv but there was unfortunately nothing Ukrainian doctors could do to improve the boy’s condition. There was a blood clot that led to blood poisoning (sepsis), so Ukrainian clinics could not take such a risk. There was only one option left - to look for a foreign clinic that would be able to save Andrey’s life. They soon found “Akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus der Universitat Tuebingen” (The academy clinic of the Tuebingen University) in Germany. On the 25th of August last year Natalya and her little son flew to Germany. Thanks to kind people and “The Heart For a Child” German charity foundation, the initial treatment bill of 60,000 euros was paid.

The journey of Andrey’s recovery, however, is full of long therapies, which have only just started. The family, consisting of a single mother and grandmother, needs to raise 50,000 euros (approximately 66,801 US dollars) for further treatment in Germany. It is an enormous amount of money for this ordinary Ukrainian family, so we have started our Ukrainian and international fund-raising campaign.

Andrey is currently preparing for his coming surgery which means his test results and general condition should remain satisfactory. The surgical procedure of bowel lengthening is to take place in May this year. If everything goes smoothly, Andrey will finally be able to get rid of constant indisposition and leave dull hospital wards. The new treatment bill will soon be published, so now there’s a serious task to raise the 50,000 euros that will hopefully save Andrey’s life.

The boy’s family has already got in touch with various Ukrainian charity foundations and local mass media. They have also created a support group for Andrey on Vkontakte social network.

Little Andrey really needs your prayers and kind financial support! His mom Natalya has not been able to work since the first day of Andrey’s life as she has had to look after him 24 hours a day. The only source of the family income is the pension of Andrey’s grandma Valentina, which is hardly enough to make ends meet.

The Video subtitles:

00:03 – Andrey Lysenko

00:11 – the city of Zaporizhzhia, two years old

00:20 - Short bowel syndrome

00:30 – The boy cannot digest food!

00:39 – He has spent his whole life in hospitals

00:50 - …he always ended up in intensive care units

1:00 –… his dad left him

1:09 – Thanks to people from all over the world it was possible to raise 60,000 euros

1:18 – This money enabled Andrey’s treatment in Germany

1:29 – At the age of 1,5 the boy weighted 5 kilos!

1:38 The three-months treatment resulted in:

- Cure of the sepsis;

- Fungus in blood;

- Andrey put on weight 2,5 kilos

- The child has learnt to sit

1:48 -1:58 The further six months treatment in Germany requires 50,000 euros!

2:09 – The child’s life is priceless…

2:18 – Andrey believes us

2:27 – Let’s save Andrey together

There is nothing worse than to see an opportunity to help your beloved child, but to have no money to avail of it. It is heartbreaking to have no money for giving your child a chance to survive and be happy! Let’s give this precious child a helping hand!

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine)

For further information please contact the volunteers of “The Happy Child” Foundation

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

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