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A Wonderful Day off with Our Kids

February 20, 2013, 13:30 3364 Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Oxana Burns deti.zp.ua Eight children from large families spent a day off together with us in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Such trips can work real miracles: they show the value of friendship and reveal the best character traits

Gradually and imperceptibly all children became most special and dear, without differentiation or distinction.

Eight children from large families have spent their day off together with us. The trip wasn't in vain and it gave these kids a lot of positive emotions, and also enriched them with useful skills.

This eventful day of some children from Zaporozhye began very early at the railway station where we started our entertaining trip to Dnepropetrovsk. On the electric train children got to know each other and us, two volunteers. The morning began very positively. On our arrival at Dnepropetrovsk station we were met by local volunteers-activists. The skating rink in the "Karavan" entertaining center was the first point of our entertainment program. For most of children it was the first time when they skated but they managed it greatly! Sometime later the children could skate, played a game of tag, they were sweat but immensely happy!

Later according to the program we visited a potter's workshop, and to say more – it was a workshop of magicians. It was difficult to assume that this occupation can fascinate children so much – they unanimously absorbed information on potter's art, attentively looked and listened to how to work with a potter's wheel. As a result being carefully guided by the masters, children made remarkable and unique pots and hand-made articles. It was very interesting to watch these kids in the process of their work, the silence and inspiration reigned during these moments, even the most active and noisy ones were completely plunged down in creativity. Now children have to wait while their works are being baked in the workshop, Sascha (a volunteer) promised us that approximately in two weeks he would do his best to send children’s pottery items to us by bus.

After outdoor activities and work therapy, the children got hungry, and as a big and amicable company they went to “Puzata Khata” restaurant for lunch. At the same place Dnepropetrovsk volunteers presented them with big colourful encyclopedias and scarves as valuable presents for long memory.

Culminating event of Saturday was a fire show with elements of fireworks that made children squeal with joy and hold their breath. Everyone was excited! And then the saddest moment came – going back to the station and saying goodbye to the children. It was hard for them, the Dnepropetrovsk volunteers didn't want us to leave, and Alexander and I took the responsibility and promised the kids to arrange another meeting in two months, and most likely it will take place in Zaporozhye.

There is one thing I’d like to make clear to you, our dear readers, especially if you are parents. Regardless of the number of children in your family, attention, love and care are extremely necessary for each of your kids. Very often their defiant behavior is just a cry for more time to spend together and not punishment for wrongdoings. Having watched these kids I noticed another side of such excursion trips. Of course, on the one hand, cultural enrichment, knowledge of something new, entertainment program – all this is great. But, kids’ communication with each other and adult volunteers became the most important aspect of this trip for me. Sometimes it looked like all they need is contact and attention. The most restless blue-eyed boy turned into a quiet, understanding and kindest little man when he received our attention and hugs.

Pay attention to your children, indulge them, and they will centuple your love. Make their leisure time various and they will have no strength or desire to fool around. We will try to help you with it, after all, each kid deserves happy and colourful childhood, when if not now?

If you are a parent, you can learn more detailed information about new excursion trips, campaigns from our “Klubok” project. If you a donor and you have felt deeply what I wanted to share with you about such trips, we will be grateful for the feasible sponsor's and information help for arranging of our next trips. Thank you for your attention and understanding!

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