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March 2, 2013, 12:20 3211 Author: www.deti.zp.ua, translated by Izabella Balakirsky www.deti.zp.ua So the hope in children’s eyes can change to a grateful glow of gratitude and so we can also reach a larger number in need, we are seeking help in purchasing a digital (semi-professional) camera

Thanks to help requests published regularly on the 'Happy Child' charity foundation website (established 2004) and with your generous support, we have helped many children find loving families or improve their health. However, we currently need a really good-quality camera so that the children's stories can include their photos. We will also be able to publish pictures of the happy smiling faces of those we have been able to help!

We've acquired a large amount of experience over the years; so we know which articles attract more attention, which ones motivate people to donate more, and why. Providing complete and accurate information in articles is always very important.

The better the quality of photos, and the more photos we can take, the greater the chances of a prompt response. It's a well established fact, that people are far more willing to help those in need if they can see the eyes of those full of hope. Even if it's just a photo.

Creating a short video about a child who needs help will always be a great advantage. A higher quality image will surely attract more donations and therefore allow us to support children more effectively.

In order to change the eyes of those looking for hope to grateful glows of joy and ultimately reach a greater number of children in need, we are seeking your help in purchasing a digital (semi-professional) camera. Our promise to you is to use the camera to its maximum benefit. We promise to post a photo update report regarding the success of this project, with full-colour, good-quality photos!

We also plan to train one of our staff members here in basic photographic techniques. This will help ensure that future help requests will include better quality photos and videos of children in their homes or hospital wards. This way we will give them a chance to be seen and helped!

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Stepan Suvorov
Stepan Suvorov

Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia

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