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A Ticket to the Adult Life: a Social Hotel for Orphans to Open in Zaporozhye

September 18, 2013, 11:50 2538 Author: Inna Narbut, translated by Anna Oliynyk reporter-ua.com Currently a building is being reconstructed in Zaporozhye to become a social hotel helping orphans to “stand on their own feet”

Currently a building is being reconstructed in Zaporozhye to become a social hotel helping orphans to “stand on their own feet”. On August 29th, Yuri Kaptyukh, the vice mayor of our city, got acquainted with the progress of reconstruction.

Before, the building located at 8 Taganskaya Str. was the premises of the Local Public Utilities Office No. 9. According to the decree of the City Council, this building was decided to become a social hotel for orphans above 18 years of age, who only start their adult life having nowhere to live and no one to support them. Thus, for them it will be a kind of start in life as each of the orphans will be able to stay in the institution as long as he or she needs to find a job and to be able to support himself or herself.

Photo by Andrey Gluschenko

– In Ukraine there are many programs to implement the President’s social initiatives. A program to support such children operates in our city as well. At the start such children need a place to stay to adapt to their new life. They will be able to stay here until they get a job, find a place to live and start earning their own living. Probably it will be the first project of this kind – a social hotel – to be launched in Ukraine, – pointed out Yuri Kaptyukh. – Everything we see here is only the beginning of a big journey.

According to Marina Borenos, Director of the Regional Center for Social Security, this institution will help children to start their adult lives in adequate and enabling conditions.

– Big job has already been done: first of all, we defined the staffing needs, costs, goals and objectives of the new social hotel. The construction works have already started. The institution made a request to the City Council to perform those works; it called a tender and selected a contractor. Now we altogether see how the ruined building step by step will turn into a social hotel and a decent place to stay for orphans above 18 years of age, – stated Marina Borenos.

There will be 32–36 beds in the hotel. The time for the orphans to stay here will be defined by a commission of the City Council and will vary from six to twelve months.

– We will evaluate each individual situation for the children to stand on their feet and be able to support themselves, – told Marina Borenos.

According to Natalia Lobanova, the Head of the future hotel, today there are 41 children who could benefit from the project.

– We need to make a start, and I am thankful to the City Council and the Executive Committee that today this issue has been settled in such a way. Everything is done to help those children find their place in life, – said Olga Polkovnikova, Head of the Social Protection Department at the City Council.

Besides, in the social hotel orphans will be able to use the services of a psychologist and a social counselor. According to Gennadiy Yurchenko, Director of Midas-Bud Construction Company, today the main works for the replacement of water pipes, sewage, and electric networks have also been done. One of the most lengthy and time consuming operations – finishing metal screeds in the premises – has already been completed.

The works have started in June and so far have not stopped.

– Now we also work on the 2014 budget and hope that very soon the construction will be completed and we will have a new task to provide furniture for the new center: beds, chairs. Currently we work on the budget for those purposes, in particular to purchase technological equipment, – said Marina Borenos.

The contractor started reconstruction works in June. The total of UAH 5.8 million (approximately 625, 000 US dollars) was allocated for these purposes, including UAH 2.5 million (250,000 US dollars) of government subventions. The rest of the resources will be provided from the city budget.

There are 13 living rooms in the building, a kitchen on each of the floors, ironing room, and premises an administration office. Living rooms are for two or three children.

– We hope that our contractor will implement the project as intended as an architectural building will only enhance the nearby territory. All we have to do is to provide the necessary financial resources, and the contractor – to complete the works. The timing of project implementation is urgent but realistic. Before the end of the year we will finish construction and installation works. This project stipulates full replacement of the sewage, electrical, heating, and lightning systems, heat insulation, renovation of the roofing, face, improvements, etc. – told us Igor Medvedev, Vice Head of the Capital Development City Department.

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