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Each Child Was Given a Heart in Kiev

October 14, 2013, 12:00 4197 Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Oxana Burns www.deti.zp.ua The trip to Kiev has taken place. We gave our hearts to each orphan, both literally and figuratively

Special children do not require super-special attitude - only love and attention, which all children without exception need!

Nineteen children from a Zaporozhye orphanage visited the capital of our country this Saturday. In Kiev we managed to visit such wonderful places as the Golden Gate, Landscape alley, Mikhaylovskaya (St. Michael's) Square, the Dinamo Stadium, Mariinsky Park, Glory Park and we strolled along Andreevsky Descent and attended the Museum of History.

The children were most delighted with Landscape alley. It was the first time in their lives when these kids visited it, their eyes immediately lit up. It seems to me, that anyone who visits this avenue instantly turns into a small child and feels like he is in a fairy tale. However, it was pretty sad to hear from these guys they wish they had something similar to this place in their boarding school, even if it a tiny ground area. I hope the kids’ dream will come true one day, maybe you will be the ones to implement it?

The Museum of History branded into our mind, each child could choose a program which was interesting for him. Children were given a choice – to have a guided tour or free acquaintance with the museum exhibitions, just imagine, 4 floors of history!

I would like to express my special thanks to:

Rodion, our volunteer - guide, for the fascinating tour, for opening the door to something colorful and unexplored for the children.

Alesya, volunteer, for having shared her heart with the kids and sweet presents for our children orphans.

I’m also grateful to the kids for decent behavior, good humor and most importantly for their open, overflowing with love souls. We really got to like each other and became intimate with each other during the trip, it was bitter to part with them!

Upon returning home, I got added evidence that each child should have a family of his own, even if this is a foster or an adoptive one! Every child needs to feel the warmth, support, and care of their mother and father. I do wish the cherished dreams of these children to come true!

The bitterest phrase I had heard during this trip was said by one of the participants, "Who do you like more, me or him?" (pointing to another kid holding tightly my hand). It hurt, it was bitter to hear such words. While I comprehended what I had just heard, they started arguing for superiority... This should never happen, never...

Each of the participants was individuality, personality and a wonderful person! All the guys left only the best memories! But somehow these memories saddened my soul...

I am asking everyone reading these lines - adults, please, think about the fact that each orphaned child needs a family... and the word "orphan" will appear in our children’s documents less and less frequently. You can find the profiles of children and read them following this link.

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