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The New Holter Has Already Saved a Child’s Heart

October 15, 2013, 14:50 6436 Author: Roman Kirchenko, translated by Anna Oliynyk deti.zp.ua The new device for the Cardiology Department of the Fifth Children’s Hospital has already saved a life

The support of donors of the Happy Child Foundation and the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace allowed purchasing a Holter monitor for the Cardiology Department of the Fifth Children’s Hospital. This device provides non-stop twenty-four-hour cardiac monitoring, which helps to identify heart function pathologies, which cannot be defined using other methods.

The device appeared in the Department just recently, but in has already saved a life. A young patient had almost asymptomatic abnormalities, so serious they could lead to a sudden cardiac arrest and the patient’s death. Fortunately, Holter allowed identifying the defect in time. The patient was sent to the Okhmatdet Clinic in Kyiv for further examination and treatment, maybe a surgery.

We would like to thank once more to all those who supported the project aimed at purchasing the Holter monitor. This device will surely prove useful to many children and hopefully will save more lives of the young patients.

Below we would like to make a brief presentation of the device.

The monitor

Sets of removable suction cups for the device

The suction cups allow attaching the device to a patient. The device itself is attached to the belt

The monitor in turned on. Holter has a Bluetooth module so it can transfer data without cables

All patients are to keep such diaries. It is important to state time accurate to the minute. This way, it is easier for the doctor to define the reason of any changes in the heart rate

Now patient’s indications are recorded. At the same time, the data can be seed “live” on the monitor

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