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The Foundation of the First Home in the Happy Child Village Has Been Laid!

November 15, 2013, 12:00 3629 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Anna Oliynyk www.deti.zp.ua In October 2013, we finally started the construction of the first family-type home in the children’s village. We have already raised money to build the foundation and the walls, but to continue the works we need your help very much!

We are glad to tell you the good news about our Happy Child Eco Village: in October 2013, we started the works to lay the foundation of our first home! The trenches are ready and the foundation is being laid.

The first home will open its doors to up to 10 children and two parents/instructors. When preparing the project design, we considered the fact that there will be children with special needs using wheelchairs living in this home.

The support of people who care allowed us to raise money for the foundation and the walls, but it is less than one third of the total amount needed.

We are sure that such homes will substitute the huge buildings of orphanage houses, and instead of barrack-like atmosphere they will give children the feeling of hearth and home, offering them the opportunity to adjust to the adult life and enjoy nature.

It will be home to those orphans whose chances for finding a foster family are low due to their age or handicaps. This home as well as those homes which will be constructed nearby in future will be of help to children during decades – they will remain in the possession of our foundation, so they will only be used as family-type homes.

Of course, the construction of any house is rather expensive – starting from $500 per square meter, and the size of our home will be about 260 sq. m. But it does not mean that small donations do not help. Any house is made up of small bricks, and even your minor contribution will become such a brick!

Our foundation has already completed a project aimed at building such house in KalinovkaHappy Home, where 9 children with special needs live since 2011. Happy Home-2 in Kalinovka will start its operation in February 2014. To bring those projects into life, we also raised money bit by bit, and in a year and a half or in two years we were able to open the doors of a new home. Therefore, we are sure that soon we will throw a housewarming party in the children’s village!

This is what our first home in this village will look like:

You can help both making a donation to build the children’s village and using other methods:

- buying construction materials (aerated concrete, roof coating, floor panels, boards, finishing materials, bathroom-and-lavatory equipment, windows, etc.);

- if you are a professional construction worker, you may help us by doing construction works on a voluntary basis;

- transport companies may help us bring the construction materials to the site;

- help to set donation boxes in malls, drug stores, bank branches and other public places. To do it, you just need to convince the owner of a place to give us one half of a square meter to set the box;

- carry out a fundraising campaign in your school, college, organization;

- tell your friends about the project through social media;

- if you feel you could become parents/instructors in our children’s village, please send us your detailed story and your CV at info@deti.zp.ua .

The employees of our foundation will be glad to answer any questions you may have

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