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Three-Year Battle with Cancer...

January 23, 2014, 15:20 2001 Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Daria Sukach deti.zp.ua Dima is still fighting with cancer. The next step is an MIBG scan which should take place in Moscow. The family urgently needs to raise 830 US dollars by January 30th!!

Medical abstract

It’s already three years since little Dima has been fighting with cancer. His parents are investing all their money, time and strength in him so their son can win. The next round of treatment involves MIBG scan which requires 7,000 hryvnyas or 830 US dollars.

Eight-year-old Dima was diagnosed with retroperitoneal neuroblastoma in June 2011. Intensive treatment resulted in tumor removal as well as removal of the right adrenal. This brave boy has faced six chemo therapy courses. The first scan in Moscow showed a significant health improvement. It seemed like the battle was finally won. Dima became a first-grade student, went to school and hung out with his friends and siblings. However, the latest health check showed a relapse!!! Chemo therapies and tears are back. Dima has gone through another three chemo therapies with Topotecan drug, surgery and bone marrow biopsy in Kyiv Institute of Cancer. Dima is currently preparing for another high-dose chemo.

Dima’s mother shares her latest news with us: “Due to blood transfusion Dima has caught hepatitis C. The latest chemo therapies went hard but our little boy is a real hero! After our treatment in Kiyv we cannot financially manage the next treatment course in Moscow. We’re asking you to support us in any way you can! We need to be in Moscow on January the 30th.”

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