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A Big House for a Large Family

February 7, 2014, 12:00 3025 Author: Anna Andreeva, translated by Oksana Nikolenko www.deti.zp.ua Help us, please with the house reconstruction of the adoptive family Tkachenko and then a few more orphans from the orphanage will be able to live in a cozy home, where there is love, care and warmth

In the urban village Mikhailovka in the Zaporozhzhye region there is home to a large and wonderful family Ivchenko-Tkachenko-Chekomudyan. Seniors in the family are Konstantin and Svetlana Ivchenko, their two daughters, Marina and Alena, with their husbands Chekomudyan Michael and Victor Tkachenko. All of them are foster parents.

This large and happy family brings up 20 children.

Among these three families, the "youngest" is the family of Alena and Victor with five children. Herewith their four kids are adopted ones.

Now they live on the second floor of a large house of Alena’s parents, Konstantin Konstantinovich and Svetlana Nikolaevna. The floor is spacious enough for seven members of family, but Victor and Alena have a big dream - like their parents they want to create a family-type orphanage. They are ready to give their care, love and warmth of the hearth to several other children who need parents. But, unfortunately, they haven’t enough space for a larger number of children: the place where they live now will be too incapacious for all.

The young couple has a support of the older generation: by the joint efforts they bought the land with a house close to the Ivchenkos’ large house.

Family plans to make an outbuilding and thus to expand an existing dwelling on a new site. When construction zone is completed, in the new house together with Alena, Victor and their five children, another six orphans could live. When ... Exactly here the problem arises. The reconstruction requires 150 thousand hryvnas (16,769 US dollars). The main part of expenses goes on laying the foundation for an outbuilding and the erection of the roof.

Provide the assistance to this young family, please! Help them to complete the house. Then, a few more orphans will leave the walls of an orphanage and gain true, loving mom and dad.

For additional information contact Anna Andreeva – a project coordinator of orphans’ family replacement.

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