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A Big Rehabilitation Center for Children with Cerebral Palsy will be created in Zaporizhzhia

March 5, 2014, 12:30 2201 Author: ReporterUA, photo press service of ZRA, translated by Oksana Nikolenko reporter-ua.com The Regional Children's Hospital is in the list of the objects which are planned to be renovated

Health care reform and improvement of material and technical base of Zaporizhzhia hospitals is a direction that was and will be a priority for the regional authorities. The Regional Children's Hospital is in the list of the objects which are planned to be renovated according to the department of press and information of RSA.

The Head of the region visited the regional center of medical and social rehabilitation, which treats children with such severe diagnoses as cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Alexander Peklushenko was demonstrated the conditions under which medical assistance extends to small patients.

Doctors use modern approaches, such as gravity suits or balneotherapy bath for underwater massage. In addition, they conduct sensory integration. The only problem of the center is the lack of space. Alexander Peklushenko assured that this issue will be resolved, and he said that the qualification of our doctors would allow creating in Zaporizhzhya a big rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy.

- Regional center of medical and social rehabilitation deserves great attention and respect. Visiting this center strengthened my decision to that program, which I necessarily will realize. As we planned, concentrating financial resources we must annually issue new objects. So this year we are focused on the "Youth" Sports Palace and health care facilities such as the Regional Hospital for adults and the Oncology Center. Next year we surely will start the construction of the surgical building of the Children's Hospital. It will allow significantly strengthen the direction of surgery. Also, due to the premises, which will be free, we will also expand the department of neurology. The department is very complicated and necessary. Dynamics, unfortunately, is not positive - about 1.2 thousand children are in need of treatment and care. We hope that the number of such children will be reduced by the introduction of modern perinatal center. But in any case the cerebral palsy - is not a verdict. And what I saw in the center of Vladimir Kozijavkin will be possible in three years on the basis of our regional children's hospital. We’ll seek for it, - said the head of the region.

In addition, RSA chairman visited a five-year patient from Novonikolaevka. As reported, the girl did not receive an adequate nutrition in regional children's hospital. Doctors assured the head of the region that such problems did not arise. The girl’s mother confirmed the words of doctors; she stated that she had no claims to the hospital. However, Alexander Peklushenko urged to take the issue under special control, moreover, to consider at the next staff meeting of RSA the question of nutrition in hospitals of the region.


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