"Happy Home-3" - the First House for the Children's Village

We again look forward to building a new family-style home for orphans, including children with special needs
Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Izabella Balakirsky, www.deti.zp.ua Published: April 28, 2014, 12:00 15096

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Children should be brought up in a family, not in an orphanage group home - that is confirmed by multiple research studies and by common sense. Thanks to the support of caring people, for the last several years the "Happy Child" Foundation has been helping orphaned children find their loving families as well as build family-style houses for those children who still don’t have their mom and dad.

In December 2011, the "Happy Home-1" opened its doors for orphans of Kalinovka Children’s Home. Nine boys with special-need now live in the family-style home. Well, it's not a true family home, but still, children's day-to-day living conditions are significantly different from those in a group home. The children feel like they are at home - anytime they like, they can drop by the kitchen to have tea, enjoy their free time in the bedroom or work on the computer. The small number of children in the house is in itself conducive to creating a family environment.

And that's how we created the first Happy Home!

In May 2014, we will open the doors of "Happy Home-2" in Kalinovka, for 9 girls with special-needs.

At the same time, as part of or the "Children's Village - Happy Child" project, we have begun building "Happy Home-3" in the Ukrainka village in the Mikhailovsky district of the Zaporozhzhye region. This house differs from the previous two "Happy Homes" in the following:

-this house will be the property of the "Happy Child Foundation" and will not be sponsored by or under jurisdiction of the federal government, as the previous two houses are;

-this house will be a family home rather than an institution. We shall find a foster family to live in this house with the children;

-besides the parents, the foster children, including a few special-needs children, and, possibly, the parents' biological children will live in this house (up to 10 children in total);

-additional personnel such as a nanny or a housekeeper will probably be helping the parents; specialists might also be involved (a physical therapist, a psychologist, a tutor etc.);

-this house is being built "from the ground up", that is, it will be a brand new house, planned with the special-needs children in mind. The house will have a gas stove, running water, Internet access, and a car - a minivan or a minibus for the family's transportation. The first two houses in Kalinovka were created as a result of renovation of old buildings;

-financing of the daily expenses for the house will be done not from the group home budget, but from the money allocated to foster families or for family-style homes, and also from the charitable contributions of others and from the sales of the family's garden produce;

-the foster parents will not oppose the children being adopted or returned to their biological parents, if that is possible;

-the house in the future will become part of the children's village of foster families. The main idea of a children's village is mutual support of the families, life in an ecologically clean environment, innovations in the children's education, active involvement of volunteers, and eco-tourism.

That's how our first home will look like in the children's village

We are currently looking for foster parents. You can find out more details here.

The construction of "Happy Home-3" began in autumn 2013. The blueprints of the house, 22.3 by 9.5 meters, have been done. The first floor of the building will have four bedrooms, a kitchen-dining room, two bathrooms, and a furnace room. There will be ramps and enough space to enable wheelchair-bound people to move around the house. The second floor has space for several more rooms.

The second floor of "Happy Home 3"

The second floor of "Happy Home 3"

View of the house - August 21, 2015

You can help financially or by donating construction materials or labor.

We need volunteer construction workers:

We also need the following materials:


-lightings and LED lamps;

-cement and armature;

-room doors;

-metal roof shingles;

-boards and cross-braces for the roof;


-paving tiles for the yard;

-interior decorating materials and insulation;


-a used or a new minivan or a minibus, seven to eleven person capacity

Dear readers! Thanks to those who generously donated, we have been able to create two family-style homes in the Zaporozhzhye region, where 18 special-needs children live much more happily than they had in the group home.

Now we are working on the third home, and our experience guarantees that this project will be successful, as the first two have been. But to succeed, we need help only you can give!

Please don't put off good deeds for later on!

Our project is fully transparent. There is no corruption or bribery; we always issue detailed reports on all our expenses, down to every penny. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and to hear any ideas you might have regarding how to help.

Donations and expenses report

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They need help:

Vladislav Bogomazov, 6 years old - Cystic fibrosis, severe course

Vladislav Bogomazov, 6 years old - Cystic fibrosis, severe course

Mark Bondarev, 5 years old - Cystic fibrosis

Mark Bondarev, 5 years old - Cystic fibrosis

Yegor Bespalyi, born in 2017 - Severe cystic fibrosis

Yegor Bespalyi, born in 2017 - Severe cystic fibrosis

Natalya Kisluk, born February 28, 1992 - mixed form cystic fibrosis

Natalya Kisluk, born February 28, 1992 - mixed form cystic fibrosis

Arthur Kerimov, born in 2011 - symptomatic myoclonic epilepsy

Arthur Kerimov, born in 2011 - symptomatic myoclonic epilepsy

A Child Needs a Family: Makar R., born in 2010

A Child Needs a Family: Makar R., born in 2010

Child needs a family: Evelina, born in 2005

Child needs a family: Evelina, born in 2005

Look into an orphan's eyes...

Look into an orphan's eyes...