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The Celebration isn't Canceled!

June 5, 2014, 11:50 2962 Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Izabella Balakirsky www.deti.zp.ua If one is in the hospital, getting treatment, the scheduled celebrations don't get canceled! Especially if the patients are children, and the calendar shows the date of June 1st!

During our last visit with a celebration to the Zaporozhzhye Region Children's Hospital, we promised that we would visit it more often. The doctors and the children each time await the next celebration with genuine interest and joy.

And this time, we again had so much happiness and positive energy - both for us, and for those inside the hospital.

June 1st is a happy celebration – the Children’s Advocacy Day! It was very difficult to cover all the units of the hospital - the hospital is quite big, and, unfortunately, we are rather a small group... Therefore, having consulted the teachers at the hospitals, we decided to employ this tactic - we grouped together the units where that could be done. This time, we were able to bring the celebration to 4 units: trauma, ophthalmology, hematology, and neurology.

What a joy it is, to hear kids running and laughing inside the melancholy hospital building! It's not often that one sees children running on crutches, chasing a balloon, or children with the Ilizarov apparatus, sitting on someone's lap and applauding with their one free hand against their good knee, because the other leg had been injured. And how funny the children in surgical masks look, when they try to blow soap bubbles through the masks, and what ringing laughter accompanies all these actions! And children who crawl through tunnels on their hands and knees, isn't that the greatest happiness ever?

Our conclusion after all these events is, that we must definitely repeat all this madness, as often as possible! The most important thing in the process of medical treatment, after taking the properly prescribed medications, is the positive emotions, and positive attitude.

We would like to share with you the experience of one of the volunteers, who participated in organizing this celebration.

The volunteer Victor, who, back when he was a child, spent quite a bit of time within the walls of this hospital, in the units of trauma and hematology.

"It was a wonderful day for me, I would even say a special day, because I was very happy to share a part of my joy with these young children. And when you look at the children and see them smile, it's a really great thing to see. Because the children spend practically all of their time in their hospital rooms; why do I say that? Because I myself had been in their place, and I know first-hand how it feels to be confined within four walls. Our entire close-knit team has given them an unforgettable experience and the kindness of our hearts. It seems to me personally that we should organize such events more often, so as to show the children that there are a lot of great things in life which are worth living and going through treatment for."

So that we could more frequently bring celebrations to the hospital units and let the children have fun, not much is actually needed. For each visit, we need one or two performers with props, a musician with a musical instrument and ability, and party favors for the children. That's our whole unsophisticated "small kit of happiness."

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