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The December Report on the Works Done in Orphanages for Children and Adults with Special Needs

January 9, 2015, 15:00 4095 Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk deti.zp.ua December will be best remembered for presents to everybody and for the sale of handicraft articles made in Kalinovka

Last month, the doctor and the massage therapist continued their work in Kalinovka. Apart from that, we continue paying for gas to transport our residents from the orphanage to hospitals, with UAH 1,140 (70 US dollars) allocated to purchase gas in December. We also sent a package of feeding devices and 16 protein nutrition packs (one pack is UAH 174 or 10 US dollars) to the Kirovsky Orphanage.

Отчет по работе фонда

Besides, in December we bought a kettle and a tumble for the Kirovsky Orphanage using the funds donated by the Maya’s Hope charity (USA). UAH 1,000 (60 US dollars) were used for a regular purchase of items for creative works and housewares, 25 US dollars were received from Monika (the USA) to purchase sledges, toys, and souvenirs as New Year presents for children.

Thanks to the Magic Christmas Tree Campaign held in Silpo supermarkets, Kalinovka residents got such gifts as juice packs, cookies, shower gels, mugs, fruit, and toys.

Отчет по работе фонда

In December, Ira L. from Kharkov bought 7 kilos of beads for Kalinovka. Apart from that, last month we managed to raise almost UAH 1,500 (90 US dollars) by selling New Year handicraft articles made in Kalinovka. Magnets, snowflakes and chime bells are still waiting for their new owners in the office of the Foundation.

Отчет по работе фонда

Отчет по работе фонда

Отчет по работе фонда

On December 23, Daria, the psychologist of our Foundation held a training dedicated to conflict resolution in Kalinovka. Apart from that, our Foundation paid for a social worker for the Kirovsky Orphanage to go to a specialized training in Kyiv.

On St. Nicholas Day, the students of two children’s groups in Kalinovka got presents: sweets and stuffed toys made by our volunteer, Yulia. We could also purchase New Year presents for our adult students thanks to the donation of our British friend, Vinca Petersen: they got plastic mugs and socks. Protestant church representatives also brought tasty presents for all Kalinovka residents – both children and adults: bananas and mandarins. They got these fruit as well as several packs of clothes in the Berdyansk branch of Samopomich.

Отчет по работе фонда

Отчет по работе фонда

The Report of Educator’s Work in Kalinovka

Kalinovka residents regularly do handicrafts with their educator Natasha P., using paper, alabaster, and beads.

Lilya used old light bulbs to make decorations for the Christmas tree – snowmen and penguins, made small Christmas trees, chime bells, and angels of beads. They also made magnets of polymer clay – lambs, cows, and snowmen. Sofia Sh. with Artem N. from the same group read the ABC-book.

Отчет по работе фонда

Natasha M. with Larisa, Vera and Katya also made New Year decorations, such as snowflakes, stars and lanterns, using them to decorate all premises in their home. The educator made a picture called “Cow” together with Larisa. In the same group, Olya M. learned New Year poems with Larisa. Miroslava learned to take bottles from the kitchen to the dining room before meals.

Отчет по работе фонда

Angela learned to stand on her feet for a while, though still holding the hand of an educator. Olya crawls much faster than she used to, but only if she is interested in something. Varya starts pronouncing her first words: “yum”, “Mom” and “give me”.

Отчет по работе фонда


The needs of Kalinovka as of 6 January 2015:

1. developmental toys (construction set, logical table games)

2. musical instruments

3. training equipment

4. footballs

5. tires

6. water filters

7. computers for adults

8. wall pictures

9. deodorants

10. stained glass film

11. record player

12. silicone mat 3 x 4

13. musical toys (for adults)

14. puzzles

15. mosaic

16. Dragon glue

17. crepe paper, spangles for decorations

18. color books

19. acrylic paints

20. stained glass paints

21. laundry basket

22. remote control for LG air conditioner

23. drying rack

24. plaster

25. polymer clay

26. outdoor thermometers

27. exercise ball

28. cotton pads

29. batteries

30. PVA glue

31. wire No.4

32. white corrugated pipe 2 m

33. staples 24/6, 26/6

34. silicone forms for polymer clay magnets

35. finger paints

36. quilling set

37. beads

38. flower shelves

39. soil

40. watering can

41. decorative glass stones

42. oil and dry crayons

43. pens

44. enamel paper for pictures and frames 10x15

45. magnets

46. reservoirs for hot glue gun

47. acrylic plaster

48. breath freshener

49. adhesive tape

50. speakers for computer

51. squared notebook

52. paints

We appreciate all previous support and constant encouragement! Remember that we are the ones who can help these children and adults! Each and every dollar and minute of your attention to children and adults with special needs are priceless and as good as gold. Let’s do good!

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