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Brigham man’s Ukraine mission

November 20, 2006, 0:00 2640 www.timesandstar.co.uk

A HIGH Brigham man has just returned from a trip to the Ukraine, taking much-needed help to a hospital and an orphanage.

A veteran of several overland trips in a convoy of heavy lorries, Brian Earley’s latest trip was a flying visit in a van, accompanied by his wife, Sue.

Mr Earley is retired from the health service and works with fellow members of Bassenthwaite Rotary Club to provide medical equipment for the impoverished area.

Since 2001, members have taken lots of life-saving medical equipment - out-of-date in this country but up to the minute in the Ukraine - and in May they delivered a full dental surgery.

Mr Earley said: “Normally I just drive the truck over, drop off the stuff and come back, so this time I was able to see more people than usual.”

He had the chance to see how much of the equipment was being used, including a CT scanner from a hospital in the Wirral, which now serves a million people.

He said: “It’s basic, but it does the job. It’s a specialist piece of machinery which pinpoints changes in cancer cells.”

The Rotarians work with clubs in other parts of the country to collect and transport various items of obsolete medical equipment, with items like blankets and curtains, which make life more comfortable for people in the former Soviet state.

Mr and Mrs Earley visited an orphanage which the Rotary Club helps, and took out with them a van load of new shoes, toys and musical instruments.

“Last time we were there, we took some money and we were able to see how it has been spent. New beds have been bought for the children and they have drawers in them so, for the first time, the children have somewhere to keep their personal belongings.”

Mr Earley paid tribute to the help which the Bassenthwaite club gets from local organisations, like Burridge’s transport, which provides storage, and a Cockermouth shoe shop, which gave 250 pairs of new shoes.

He said: “We hold car boot sales and so on to raise money, but we have to raise quite a lot to pay for the cost of fuel, ferries etc.”

In recognition of his work, Mr Earley was made an honorary member of the Uzhgorod Rotary Club. Anyone who can make donations should contact Mr Earley on 01900 828380.

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