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Olga Vovk-Sobina, born in 1988 - Congenital High Myopia, Myopia-Associated Astigmatism, Moderate Amblyopia, Peripheral Retinopathy

April 8, 2015, 15:00 3055 Author: Dasha Vershina, Evgenia Boiko, translated by Anna Oliynyk deti.zp.ua The fund-raising campaign is closed. Olga has managed to raise the money for her surgery! Thanks to everyone for all your grear support!

Ольга Вовк

Olga Vovk-Sobina

Diagnosis: Congenital High Myopia, Myopia-Associated Astigmatism, Moderate Amblyopia, Peripheral Retinopathy.

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ATTENTION (22.06.2015).:

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Olga has managed to raise the money for her surgery! Thanks to everyone for all your grear support!


To see all the beauty of the world, one should have not necessarily good sight, but kind heart. Olga is the best evidence. This wonderful woman has been working in the Happy Child Charitable Foundation for many years and has helped many of those in need, having the vision of 0.02%. She would go on helping others, without any complains, notwithstanding her congenital disease – high myopia – if doctors did not deliver their verdict: surgery or complete blindness.

Ольга Вовк

Ольга Вовк

“I was born with the impaired vision so I do not how what it means – seeing the world 100%, but I surely know – it is beautiful! It is funny but I can’t even go shopping on my own as I do not see any prices, and sometimes I have to wait for my bus really long – until I have someone to tell me the number. I see this world thanks to my contact lenses and my hobby – photography. When I make pictures, I don’t really see the objects, but when I’m at home I upload the pictures on my computer, zoom in and enjoy looking at the faces of the people I love, just strangers coming by or the world around me. My best photos are those of my little sweetheart – my daughter. Many people were discouraging me as the natural delivery is not possible with my diagnosis but I made a decision to give birth to my baby and my husband supported me. For seven years already, we are the happy parents of the best girl in the world.

Ольга Вовк

Ольга Вовк

Any combat engineer could envy the patience she has got. To make her homework with the Mommy, she has to wait for half an hour while I am reading the task or checking her writing. She is my leading light in this life, not allowing me to lose myself in the dark. And I am going to go through this surgery for her sake, if we are able to raise the required sum of money with God’s help.”

Ольга Вовк

Ольга Вовк

That is how the most positive person in this world thinks. But if she does not make laser retinal surgery, a retinal break is awaiting her in the nearest future, making her blind. In this case, doctors will be able to bring back her vision if they make a complicated surgery, which would only be possible within first three days after the break. As for the phakic intraocular lenses, these implants will allow Olga not to wear her contact lenses every day, which is bad for her health as she has been wearing them for over 12 years without any breaks. Her saving surgery requires 3,307 US dollars.

We appeal to all those who care – let’s help a person who is used to helping others. We wish Olga could feel the blessing of human compassion as the children under her care did.

Olga lives in the city of Zaporozhzhye.

Her phone number is +38 095 40 10 398.

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