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An Embroidered dreams: Social project for Ukrainian children with disabilities

May 18, 2015, 14:00 1985 Author: EMPR empr.media Children with disabilities and their families, all internally displaced persons from eastern Ukraine, attended the event

In recent days the presentation of Liberi liberati's International project "An Embroidered dreams" was hosted recently by the "Caritas-Kyiv" Charitable Fund in Kyiv. Children with disabilities and their families, all internally displaced persons from eastern Ukraine, attended the event.

This Project strives to encourage creativity in children whose health is compromised. It focus on promoting work ethics, marketing, an active lifestyle, social adjustment, establishing communication skills, and expanding the options in the social and cultural opportunities for the children.

100 children with disabilities under the age of 16 will be joining the program in the near future. Most of the children are victims of trauma from the war in eastern Ukraine, and some are disadvantaged children from other regions in Ukraine. By the end of the year the number of children is expected to increase to 500.

Funds provided by charitable benefactors will allow us to purchase the materials needed for embroidering items such as rushnyks, shirts, butterflies, table napkins and place mats. Artists and designers, caring people from France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, and Poland will be selling these items in appropriate venues. We have already received orders from our friends abroad. Under the supervision of the benefactors, the proceeds from the sales will be awarded to the talented young people for the refinement of their creative skills.

In his opening remarks Program Director Maksym Potapchuk said that with this presentation a new series of interesting meetings is being initiated, in which youngsters and their parents will be learning ancient crafts, such as embroidery. Experts in this folk art will be invited to join forces by conducting master classes as well as online lessons.

"During one of my visits to a boarding school for disabled children I was struck by the beautiful, masterfully embroidered rushnyks. As it turned out, young children and teenagers had embroidered them. I couldn't understand how children with serious conditions could create such beauty that made my heart sing with joy! Seeing with my own eyes what beautiful work children can produce I was inspired to start work on an international project ''An Embroidered dream'' as a vehicle for developing social skills in kids with disabilities" - said Maksym.

At a meeting the boys and girls sketched rushnyks and listened to stories about the history and the traditional role rushnyks play in the culture of Ukraine. Special fabric and threads were displayed. Materials for their first attempts in creating a rushnyk were handed out. Embroidering is a great undertaking: the relaxed working atmosphere is perfect for socializing.

Maksym Potapchuk's presentation, at the closing of which all the children received toys, sweets, office supplies, and clothes, as well as refreshments, was organized and sponsored by the Charitable Fund "Caritas-Kyiv" We thank Tetiana Barantsova and Roman Syrotych for their great help in organizing the event.

We extend an invitation to all concerned and interested parties to join us in our program about which we will be posting more articles. Let's help our children by contributing material and practical support for our children's mental and social development! We need embroidery thread, fabric, needles, and embroidery frames.

Respectfully, Program Director Maksym Potapchuk. Contacts - mail: Liberiliberati[@]gmail.com, tel: +38 099 140 50 29

Lear more about Liberi liberati initiative here.

EMPR provides informational support to this initiative, euromaidanpr@gmail.com

EMPR, O. R. contributed to this publication.

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