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July 7, 2015, 11:00 3531 Author: Olesia Kulakova, translated by Izabella Balakirsky deti.zp.ua Hikes to the Carpatian mountains and camping in tents are waiting for little Ukrainian orphans this summer. Your donations can make this wonderful vacation a reality!

Despite the current political situation in Ukraine we continue our projects. We've organized several trips and interesting events for little orphans so far this year. Such trips always bring the children lots of positive emotions, happiness, smiles, pleasant memories, as well as new friends!

You can read here about the dozens of events we have recently organized.

We are making big plans for the summer. We are going to organize two hikes to the Carpatian mountains - one to Goverla and one to Petros in July, and also a hike to the mountain called Priest Ivan Marmaroshsky (on the border with Rumania) at the beginning of August.

We are also going to organize camping in tents this summer on the Khortitsa Island, in the village of Ukrainka on the site of the future Children's Village, and in Genicheska (that's the most cost-efficient way to have camping on the seashore).

However our Klubok tourist club needs your financial support to make the children’s dream of a summer vacation come true. We would be grateful to you for foodstuff (grains, sweets, canned food, and canned meat), equipment (tents, sleeping bags, rugs, boats, and flat-bottom boats). We also need active volunteers, especially those who can play musical instruments, are able to do animation, or run workshops. We would appreciate your kind assistance!

You can help us financially from anywhere in the world, without getting up from your computer -

Many thanks to our sponsors for your constant support of our tourist and educational Klubok program!

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