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Ukraine President's best wishes to children for St. Nicholas Day

January 3, 2007, 0:00 3006 for-ua.com

Victor Yushchenko wished Ukrainian children a happy Saint Nicholas Day, president's press office reported.

He wished them health, prosperity and happy life.

“Let God guard you and give you happiness, joy and hope. Let His divine blessing follow you in your life,” he said.

“Ukrainians have worshipped Saint Nicholas as the patron saint of children since olden days. He makes us believe our most cherished dreams will come true one day, endows our hearts with kind feelings and inspires us to do good,” he said.

Victor Yushchenko’s advisors and heads of departments of his Secretariat are visiting orphanages in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast today to give presents to homeless children and orphans.

Representatives of oblast administrations will give presents and vans to poor families and families with many children. The President is going to give Gazel vans to five mothers having many children when he arrives back to Ukraine from South Korea.

Saint Nicholas’s Palace was opened on Tuesday in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. This project was implemented in response to Victor Yushchenko’s decree to renew traditional folk arts and crafts in Ukraine.

The third local family orphanage was opened in the village of Bilche-Zolote in Ternopil oblast today.



Stefan (16:15 | 19 December,2006)

This is great recognizing Saint Nicholas. I even named by son after him. Hats off to Yush for continuing to reinstate Ukrainian heritage. A heritage that the godless Russian puppets tried to eradicate for 300 years. No more.

Bohdan (16:16 | 19 December,2006)

The West, and especially the United States, that was once a Christian nation, should look to Ukraine as an example of a nation that returned to their ancient Christian roots and is not afraid to celebrate its saint's days and bless its children. Many countries in the West have abandoned St. Nicholas and have turned him into that imposter, the mythical Santa Claus, who they claim comes on Christmas to give children gifts. This takes the focus away from the celebration of the Lord Jesus Christ's birth, the Son of God, whom God sent into the world to be our Saviour and who shall return to establish His Kingdom on Earth as He promised. Once again Ukraine shows the world that it is one of the most progressive nations on earth in matters spiritual. St NIcholas Day must be kept separate from Christmas. Thank you Mr. President for blessing Ukraine's children, may the VR do likewise by adopting the international children's protection laws.

Bohdan (16:20 | 19 December,2006)

editor, please note that Ukrainians honor St. Nicholas, they do not worship him. He is only a departed saint, worthy of special honor and rememberance, however, Ukrainians only worship God and God alone.

Free Speech (20:23 | 19 December,2006)

I thought St Nicholas Day was on December 6...

Free Speech (20:25 | 19 December,2006)

I also thought the President was in Korea Which one is true

Free Speech (20:27 | 19 December,2006)

Oh it was not the president being father christmas just a guy in a beard and red suit. I prefer the blue suited Father Moroz of Father Christmas. :-)

The Real Nestor (20:35 | 19 December,2006)

I thought Free Speech would be spending his time learning whats in the Ukrainian Constitution, Guess I was wrong.

Nick Simon (20:53 | 19 December,2006)

I thought Free Speech would have known the difference (13 days) between the Gregorian and Julian calendars, and who uses which! Obviously not a Ukrainian, and knows little of the true Ukraine.

The Real Nestor (22:14 | 19 December,2006)

People work hard all there lives, save there money to educate there children, and damn, this is what they get.....

Volodymyr (23:47 | 19 December,2006)

The soviet mockal never succeeded in educating anyone or anything... Yet one more solid reason why the former soviet union imploded and the West won the Cold War. Now we continue with the destruction of what little is left of the roosian federation. Kind regards. Sons of Bandera.

Free Speech (23:52 | 19 December,2006)

I forgot about the calander shift thanks for the reminder.

The Real Nestor (00:06 | 20 December,2006)

He forgot,...... ha

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