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Anna Dyatlova, 4 year - Сystic fibrosis

August 22, 2016, 12:00 6305 Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Hans Christian Andersen www.deti.zp.ua Our baby is growing and developing actively, possessed all the new skills. At Anya formed his matchless and individual character and outlook.

Anna Dyatlova, 15.12.2011 born

Diagnosis: Сystic fibrosis.

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Annie - is very positive and the smiling child, open to all others. She still does not realize how fate was unfair to her ... At night she was crying bitterly and loudly, the reason for this concern is a rare genetic disease - cystic fibrosis. Every night for a baby is a challenge, because now it is the intestinal form of the disease, and every night she is very sore tummy.

Cystic fibrosis is often initially manifests digestive problems - the so-called intestinal form of cystic fibrosis. It is associated with insufficient production of pancreatic enzymes necessary for digestion. To compensate for the lack of enzymes, Anya must be taken daily for 5 Creon capsules (1 pack of 3 USD worth it lasts for 4 days), in order to at least a little food assimilated her young body. Baby needs a specialized nourishing diet "Humana", so that she could gain weight, and, of course, need vitamins in order to have the strength to fight the disease.

The family is now found itself in an extremely difficult situation, they live in a rented apartment, works only father, mother is on maternity leave for care of my daughter. All family income spent on drugs and for housing, they are in need of financial support from the .

Annie and Dad

Annie was a very long-awaited baby. Parents are now struggling to prolong the life of your crumbs, protect it from disease and maintain health for many years. If you comply with all the recommendations and prescription of a doctor forecasts quite favorable. But, in order to ensure that all appointments, family monthly treatment of the daughter must be 90 USD - this amount includes the cost of purchasing: Creon, Ursofalk, multivitamins and specialized nutrition. If the child goes to the hospital, the amount is doubled, and Anya 4 times a year to undergo hospital treatment.

Unfortunately, Anya is an incurable disease, but with your help she can live a normal life . People with this diagnosis is often very creatively gifted and talented, perhaps Annie grow talent. Please, let us together help the little girl to live, grow, develop and contribute to the lives of others part of his spiritual light and heat!

Our baby is growing and developing actively, possessed all the new skills. At Anya formed his matchless and individual character and outlook. Every month on the treatment of our crumbs needs about 90 USD.

The family lives in the city of Melitopol .

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