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“From USA – with love…” (photo report about parcels received from Erich, Amy and Wes)

October 18, 2007, 0:05 7022 Author: Albert Pavlov www.deti.zp.ua Recently we distributed gifts, received from our American friends, to children of the orphanage #3 of Zaporozhye

Recently we distributed gifts, received from our American friends, to children of the orphanage #3 of Zaporozhye.

Amy from Georgia, USA, sends parcels to Zaporozhye’s orphans on the permanent basis. Every such parcel is prepared with love and care tidy plastic box with clothes, toys, books or balls in it. Little short letter permanently presents in such boxes. The wishes of all blessings and God’s peace are in the letter.

Parcel from the Erich is enough original and very interesting. Erich and his family love art, and set of gifts confirms this. There are a lot of paints, pencils, pens, drawing notebooks in this box, and also beautiful collection of American children’s books. Though part of these books are not brand new, but their content is really extremely interesting. What’s a wonder just kid’s book with Russian fairy tale “Masha and bears”, which has English title “Goldilock”!!! Pictures in this book so unlike to the pictures in Russian books, and anyway they are very interesting. Another book is finest godsend for those who are interested in creating articles (crafts) from usual things. There are hundreds unnoticeable on the first look details on each photography. All books are well-illustrated, so no English knowledge needed to use them. All gifts were distributed among pupils of 4th form, and children really liked gifts. Also, 3 digital cameras were discovered in the parcel. It will be distributed among 3 groups in the orphanage.

We also thanks our permanent sponsor Wes P., Utah, USA. This time Wes sent 2 digital cameras and sweet gifts. First camera will be used by volunteers (we always need to take picture for our work), and the second one together with sweet gifts were given to Nastya from 7th form.

We with all our hearts thank our friends from US, and hope that one day Ukrainians will start to help children abroad the same way as it do Americans.

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