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Financial statement of the Charity Fund “Happy Child” and the www.deti.zp.ua website on September – October 2007

November 13, 2007, 0:05 6863 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Natalia Guzenko www.deti.zp.ua

Detailed financial report about donations on September-October 2007:

Donations received in September-October 2007

Expenses of Happy Child charity in September-October 2007

In September-October 2007 more than 50 our sponsors gave financial support for treatment of the ill children and for help to the orphans. The sums of the donations sometimes differ considerably, but we are really grateful and very thankful to all the donors. Indeed the small donations give us the possibility to spend the donations in the most rationalistic and economical way.

Thanks to the support given to us by the kindhearted people from Ukraine and other countries for these 2 months the parents of the ill children could pay their attention to the treatment and caring of the child, instead of rushing to and fro in the attempt to find the needed sum for buying the necessary medicine. For example the treatment of Igor Podgorny with the expensive medicine Mabtera ($2200 for one ampoule) started on time. We are very grateful to the collective of DneprospetsStal factory. 2 packages of Vifend tablets ($1600) were bought for Zhenya Fuklyev.

Unfortunately even the expensive high-quality medicine couldn’t save Zhenya’s life, but… We believed, we hoped, we did everything possible. Large sums of money were also given to help little Innochka Grishko and thanks God this little kid managed to get out of bed and now she is learning to walk again. Also we spent the money for the expensive computer tomography, medicine.

We do all possible to improve the financial basis of Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children Hospital (Zaporozhskaya Oblastnaya Klinicheskaya Detskaya Bolnitsa). For these 2 months we bought 3 refrigerators for this hospital, 1 Austrian binocular microscope Micros MC 20 for the clinic diagnostic lab of the hospital. Now the laboratory assistants that influence the accuracy of stating the diagnosis will be working on the normal equipment, without taking risk of losing eyesight. In the future we plan to continue the renovating of the lab of Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children Hospital, (we plan to buy one more microscope, test-tube centrifuge, refrigerator.)

Refrigerator in the Newborn Pathology department.

Microscope in the clinic diagnostic lab of Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children Hospital.

The sum of more than 1000 hrivnas was spent to buy Laferobion medicine for the orphan children in the Solnishko Orphanage; the new developmental toys, sports goods, stationery, footwear and clothes were bought for the children of Zaporozhye Orphanage #3. The children with special needs from Chernigov Orphanage in Kalinovka village received some toys and diapers sent by Tatyana from Kiev the total sum of which is 5000 hrivnas.

We are thankful to the sponsors that donate money, and we are grateful to the people that send parcels to us.

We are sincerely grateful to the Kiev representatives “Ratiopharm” for sending of 10 computers to Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children Hospital and Zaporozhye Orphanage #7. The computers are not completely new, but they are absolutely suitable for most of office and educational tasks.

4 computers were given to orphanage #7

6 computers were given to the department of Cardiology and Surgery of Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children Hospital

We are thankful to Elena from UAE, Emmy, Erik, Wes, Kahpo from the USA, Olga from Germany, Irina from Switzerland, Tanya from Kiev for wonderful parcels with the clothes, toys and books for children.

We thank you all, dear friends for the trust, and we invite you to take part in our work not only helping us with donations, but also uniting with our team. We will be happy to hear any wishes, remarks or propositions concerning spending the donations.

Detailed financial report about donations on September-October 2007:

Donations received in September-October 2007

Expenses of Happy Child charity in September-October 2007


Translated by Natasha Guzenko from Kherson, Ukraine

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