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Photo reporting: President of Ukraine visits “Father's House” orphanage

November 29, 2007, 0:05 3609 www.president.gov.ua President Victor Yushchenko paid a visit today to the Center of social care for children “Father's House” located in Kyiv region

President Victor Yushchenko paid a visit today to the Center of social care for children “Father's House” located in Kyiv region.

During the visit President mentioned that in 2008 the issue of orphan children shall receive special attention.

“I plan to issue an appropriate decree, to call up sense of responsibility in millions of people and to stimulate very bold, courageous and generous decisions about orphan children adoption”, said V. Yushchenko.

Speaking about steps being made by the state towards orphan children issue solution President said: “I can’t say that authorities assign small funds on social care for these children”. The obstacle to his mind lies within absence of “elaborate model” of administration in this field. The problem is aggravated by the fact that currently there are several authorities responsible for management of orphan children issue. President insists that this mechanism must be optimized.

Pointing to positive shift in the matter during last two years V. Yushchenko remarked importance of wide “money follow a child” principle implementation. V. Yushchenko is assured that this experiment is about to stimulate child adoption in Ukraine.

“I am deeply convinced that if we seriously modify public administration system and rearrange existing financing it shall be enough to stimulate further more Ukrainian people to act”, President said.

V. Yushchenko was familiarized with classes and living rooms of the Center. He also held a conversation with Center’s staff and children. President of charity foundation Roman Korniyko told Victor Yushchenko about Center’s activities during last three years.

Currently there are 285 “family-type” orphanages in Ukraine which are homes for 1853 children. There are also 1408 stepfamilies caring about 2213 children.

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