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Financial statement of the Charity Fund “Happy Child” and the www.deti.zp.ua website on Dec 2007 - February 2008

May 19, 2008, 0:00 5528 Author: Albert Pavlov www.deti.zp.ua

The winter of 2007-2008 was a period satiated with different events for Happy Child foundation and www.deti.zp.ua site volunteers and members. We are very grateful to our contributors for their trust, understanding and patience. We ask to excuse us for delaying with presenting of the report on the pages of our site which was caused with the lack of time.

Financial report given below contains the information about coming donations and about using of these means during the period of December, 2007 – February, 2008.

In the report we offer the materials about donations to the Happy Child foundation and also about means which were given to the sick children’s families through the volunteers of www.deti.zp.ua.

The detailed report about donations coming in a given time (1 of December, 2007, - 29 of February, 2008)

The detailed report of means spending in a given time (1of December, 2007, - 29 of February, 2008)

We are glad that many of great enterprises and organizations have faith for our foundation as well as private contributors do.

Such big organizations as brewery “Slavutich”, The Big-Energy BANK, Kiev advertising agency “Our Territory”, LTD Company “ArsenalStroy” (Kharkov), Charitable Foundation “Zaporozhye Patriot” and many others.

We can mark such main directions of the means spending for the last period:

- The purchasing of medicines for the oncohematology department of Zaporozhye region clinical children’s hospital (the purchasing of medicines such as grastim (about 13 000 UAH), themodal (7500 UAH), infuso-systems (2000 UAH).

- MR and CT Tomography examination of sick children (about 5 000 UAH every month).

- The installation of new window-systems in Zaporozhye region clinical children’s hospital reanimation department (the photo-report will be present next month).

- The purchasing of medical equipment for the clinical laboratory of Zaporozhye region clinical children’s hospital (the photo-report will be present next month).

- The purchasing of furniture, heaters, foodstuff for Kalinovka children's home (7000 UAH).

- Rehabilitation measures for inmates of Kalinovka children's home (two teacher’s and rehabilitator’s work paying – 3000 UAH/Monthly).

- Organization of excursions to Zaporozhye for 150 orphans from Volnyansk children’s home (attendance of museums, the island of Khortitsa, stereo-cinema, McDonald’s cafe – 5200 UAH).

The number of tasks to do for our foundation expands constantly. We are going to continue the purchasing of medical equipment and improving the common state of Zaporozhye region clinical children’s hospital in the nearest time.

We request our sponsors to help us with purchasing of special quartz lamps like “AirLife”. We also plan to buy perfusors for the maternity departments of the hospitals (the cost of such device by B.Braun is 1200 dollars). These devices are of vitally importance for providing exact dosage of medicines in infusion therapy for new-borns.

We also need to find sponsors for purchasing incubators for new-borns. These devices are very expensive (70 000 UAH) but they can provide effective treatment of prematurely born children.

We are aimed to extend our activity gradually over other departments of Zaporozhye region clinical children’s hospital and other hospitals of Zaporozhye region, too.

We hope that our projects in Kalinovka will be supported. Many bed-patients in Kalinovka children home need special functional beds on the wheels which can be easily moved. We also have a plan to employee another two mentors to Kalinovka children’s home to divide one numerous group of boys (29 boys) into two groups. We hope to improve children’s conditions of life, to buy qualitative wear proof soft-furniture, carpets, toys. We also want to accomplish play ground and a special pavilion for the walks with bed-patients.

We still need donations for the purchasing of sport-goods, writing materials, developing toys for children-orphans. We will be very glad to find sponsors who can organize excursions for children from country-side children’s homes to Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Crimea. The cost of one trip is not very expensive, it’s about 1000 UAH for 1-day excursion for group of 10 children but every child will be under great impression and remember the trip for all the life.

We will be grateful for everybody who wishes to give his (her) energy and time to contact with children and to help them. You are welcomed to be one of the volunteers of our team!

How to help children of Zaporozhye?

Sincerely yours,

The members and volunteers of the Happy Child foundation.

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