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How is life in Kalinovka?

November 10, 2009, 6:00 4811 Author: Albert Pavlov (translated into English by Marina Psel) Happy Child fund After a visit to the orphanage for children with physical disabilities you come to understand that there are thousand of ways for improving life of these kids. Everybody can make a noble action for inmates of Kalinovka.

Artyom and Sergei from Kalinovka show handicrafts made themselves with their teacher. Boys keep handcrafting but they hardly ever can go for a walk on fresh air – there are no enough warm clothes and wheelchairs are broken

Recently I visited Chernigivka children’s home (village Kalinovka). This orphanage is created for children and young people (120 inmates overall) with the severest pathologies of development: cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, deep mental retardation, Down’s syndrome etc. In spite of physical difficulties these children are still staying kids who needed our attention and love.

The foundation “Happy Child” gives support to this orphanage thanks to contributions of our donors since March 2007. Still there are many problems that need to be solved here.

It was revealed that many kids lack warm clothes of high quality. Children’s jackets, caps, pants and sweaters are often not warm enough for winter walks.

So, if it happened that you have unwanted children’s warm clothes in good condition, we will glad to receive this gift for kids from the orphanage.

Thus, 4-18 years old children need warm clothes:

- sweaters with high collars;

- trousers (with elastic band, not jeans!)

- socks;

- caps and scarfs;

- warm jackets;

- winter boots.


- wooden construction collections (cubes, cylinders, blocks);

- wooden and plastic developmental toys (hoops, puzzles);

- durable cars;

- old children’s books, ABC-books and bright magazines;

- educational collections with letters (magnet and other alphabets), abacus.

Children constantly need vitamins (vit. C, “Multitabs”, “Jungle” or others) with long time prior to the expiration date.

Among more serious needs of the orphanage are:

- air-heaters, 4-5 pieces (oil and UFO-type). Temperature in rooms is often lower to 150C because of break downs in the heating system;

- water-heater (80-100 liters);

- pampers (for more than 3 years old children);

- wheelchairs for children and teenagers, 5 pieces (old wheelchairs are broken). Cost is 1500-2000 hrn per one;

- round plastic table for painting and studying (300-400 hrn);

- materials for sport ground (2 horizontal bars – 900 hrn, swings – 1000 hrn);

- wage of an individual tutor of Alyosha Romanov, the hopeful orphan who’s learning to read (25 hrn per hour).

Sometimes it seems that Alyosha Romanov mistakenly was brought to Kalinovka. Despite difficulties in speech caused by cerebral spastic infantile paralysis he can count and knows many letters. Individual tutoring possibly can be very fruitful for Lyosha. That’s why we need to find a teacher and pay for his work.

If you are willing to donate anything from above call on numbers:

+3 (0612) 701-32-86 or +3 (066) 513-34-35

Ways of transferring donations (transfers from abroad, PayPal, etc).


Albert Pavlov

Coordinator of the web-site www.deti.zp.ua

+3 8 066 513 34 35, detizp@mail.ru

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