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The excursion to the capital of Ukraine-the New Year present to children from foster families.

January 22, 2010, 5:00 5509 Author: Albert Pavlov (translated into English by Anna Gritsun) Happy Child fund 13 children from foster-families from Zaporozhie Region received unforgettable impressions from their visit to Kiev before the New Year

Unlike previous excursions, organized by a fund “Happy Child”, 26-27 of December 2009 mainly children from foster families from Zaporozhie Region and only 4 children from the orphanage #3 in Zaporozhie city participated in a journey.

Another feature was that foster parents paid practically all charges on passage and food for their children.

At the beginning of December through the network of centers of social services of Zaporozhie Region our fund sent invitations to foster families to take part in the journey.

For the first similar measure we got a good response, taking into account unfavorable weather conditions and fears, related to the epidemic of flu. As a result in the evening on December, 25 from every corner of Zaporozhie Region parents delivered to us their children, ready to new adventures and distant road.

Due to efforts of the volunteer Victoria from Kiev and a favour of director of one of private schools in suburb of Kiev children were able to spend the night in comfortable conditions (in this school children not only study, but also live).

During two eventful days children were able to familiarize with basic sights of center of Kiev, they also visited the natural History museum, recently built memorial of golodomor, the museum of historical valuables, the caves and the churches of Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, the museum of armaments.

The morning view at the National opera of Ukraine

Church Sophia Kievskaya

The monument to Bogdan Khmelnitskiy

St. Andrey’s Church

Most part of children for the first time went for a drive on a subway and on a funicular, and some – for the first time appeared in the train.

All children were interested: “Where does the prime-minister Timoshenko live and work?”, “Where is the President of Ukraine?” et cetera.

Children got answers on their burning questions, took pictures near building of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and administration of President.

Ice hill on the Square of Independence

In the natural History museum

Edik from the boarding house #3

In general, in spite of terrible tiredness of both children and accompanying adults, in spite of pouring rain in the first day of journey, all boys came home alive and healthy, overflowed with impressions from an acquaintance with our capital, from communication with each other and gladness of cognition of the world.

Recollecting my excursion to Sevastopol, organized by my teachers in my childhood, I can say with a confidence: this journey to Kiev will stay in children’s memories for many and many years as a bright joyful event. Perhaps something of seen in Kiev in due course will answer in the soul of child, giving the shove of new thought, to enthusiasm or will push to the choice of a course of life.

In the near future our fund will continue the program of child's tours and excursions both for children from boarding schools, for foster children and children from large families. We received evidence that most parents were glad to let the children go in such journeys, and even ready to pay practically overall cost. We just need people, who are able to organize a similar measure for children, and who are not afraid of responsibility and additional troubles.

We plan on the winter 2010 two journeys on four days to Carpathians for a group from 12 children (one journey – for children from boarding schools, other – for foster children). During these excursions children will become acquainted with sights of Lvov, and then they will spend few days in one of mountain resorts. Resently we seek out the variants of free or inexpensive lodging around Slavskoe, Truskavets, Vorokhty, Yaremcha et cetera. Certainly, we need a feasible financial help for organization of such journey (paying for tickets, food, possibly – purchase or lease of 1-2 complete sets of skis).

Everyone can help us in realization of these plans – please write info@deti.zp.ua or call +3 066 513 34 35 or make a contribution.

With kind regards, Albert Pavlov

coordinator of website www.deti.zp.ua

+3 8 066 513 34 35

Sculpture of girl near the memorial of golodomor

Candles in memory of the dead because of hunger in Ukraine

The memorial of golodomor

A bell in Kievo-Pechersk Lavra

In Kievo-Pechersk Lavra

The memorial of Great Patriotic War

“Prime-minister of Ukraine Uliya Timoshenko lives here!”- children yelled

Installation “The nativity of Christ”

The President of Ukraine inhabits here!

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