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www.deti.zp.ua website underwent the DDOS attack of hackers for the second time

March 9, 2010, 15:00 2410 Author: Grigorjeva Inna www.deti.zp.ua Our site was underwent the strong DDOS attack again. As a result dozens of children could not receive the necessary help during several days. We do everything possible to restore the work of the site.

Since we have posted the revealing article about the person who decided he could heal cancer patients without having the special medical education on the site of the Happy Child Fund www.deti.zp.ua, some anonymous persons were very concerned and worried about it. In the above-mentioned article we describe the methods of the “healer’s” treatment: he prescribes some herbal medicines to the people suffering from different oncological diseases. He makes the medicines by himself and sells them at a huge price. We should warn our readers that it can be very dangerous for their health to treat cancer by the means of the informal medicine.

Probably this information impeded to somebody’s business.

This person or the group of people contacted with us several times by e-mail and phone and repeatedly insisted the staff of the charity fund to remove the article from our site. Otherwise our "well-wishers" promised us they would do everything possible the article was not available to readers in the internet.

The people that we were threatened by have kept their promise and in the early days of 2010 the site was underwent the DDOS attack, as a result our resource could not work for some days.

The first time the work of the site was restored, but we haven’t removed the article, considering that it is our reasoned point of view and our moral duty to prevent and to protect the sick people and their relatives from the loss of money, time and health.

However our opponents did not share our point of view and on February 22, 2010, the www.deti.zp.ua was attacked again. In a week or more we have hardly renewed the work of our resource again, and during these days our readers didn’t have the news about sick children and orphans, so they couldn’t support those who need an urgent help.

We steel don’t know who are the people blocking the work of our charity fund. We can only guess who did not benefit the article. We have removed the material about this “doctor” from our site and hope our internet-portal is able to work as usual. We had to do it for the sake of the tens of sick children in Zaporozhye region who ask our fund for help. We hope we can find some right solution of the question soon and let the justice prevails.

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