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An American volunteer climbed to the top of Hoverla with children from Zaporozhe!

June 29, 2016, 21:45 2216 Author: Nikolay Kolodyazhny, translated by Andrei Vernon deti.zp.ua Denver Broiler, a programmer from Pennsylvania, led the expedition.

Denver Broiler, an American programmer from the state of Pennsylvania, and thirty kids from Zaporozhe climbed to the highest point in Ukraine. Broiler has supported the charity group “Happy Child” over the years. This year he decided to not only support us financially, but also take a hands-on approach as a volunteer.

Five years ago Denver Broiler happened to watch a report from the BBC about the difficult situation in Ukrainian neuropsychiatric orphanages. The report focused on the problems in the Chernihiv orphanage of the Kalinova region of Zaporozhe. He started looking for a way to help the children left in the orphanage and one way was to provide financial support. The caring American started to actively contribute to the establishment of “Happy Homes” for orphans in Zaporozhe. Broiler first visited Ukraine two years ago to meet with other similar minded people and local volunteers.

When Denver found out about the trip last year to Hoverla he had a burning desire to take part in the next trip. In the past, volunteers of the children’s travel club “Yarn” have organized the trip in conjunction with our foundation. According to the American, he already had experience with hiking in the United States. Denver helped acquire the equipment for the children. On Sunday, Denver and the group of children traveled to Lviv.

In all, 33 children took part in the trip. For the most part these are children from villages that have never gone on a “serious” trip. For these children’s parents a trip outside Zaporozhe is almost impossible. The main goal of the children’s travel club is to provide these types of children the opportunity to travel. These children come from small villages, large families and lower-income backgrounds. Reaching the top of Hoverla is always one of the most vivid, memorable and interesting trips sponsored by the travel club.

Joining Denver were six other adults – adults and guides. The first evening the group plans to reach the base of Hoverla and set up camp. The next two days they play on exploring the surrounding areas and experience the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains – the scenery, forests and lakes. Then the group will climb to the highest point in Ukraine. The group will be sleeping in tents the whole time learning about camping each and every day. On the way back, the children and their American friend would like to stop by the old city of Lviv.

In addition to Denver Broiler’s help, we want to thank the following people: Michiel Kotsur from the Netherlands, El Capitan camping supply store, Ramin Dashaeva and her friends, and Evgeniy Frondzei – a long-lasting friend of our fund. Thank you everyone for your support!

By the way, Denver promised that during the trip he would learn a few Ukrainian words. Whether he fulfills his promise or not, we will have to wait and see. A financial report of the trip and all other activities can be found on the site of the children’s travel club “Yarn.” Parents and children can see the calendar of events and join us in the future!

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