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Olga Pavlenko, born in 2002 - Cystic fibrosis

December 23, 2020, 19:55 7086 Author: Olga Vovk, Olga Pavlenko Cystic fibrosis is not a death sentence if there is support in the struggle for life!

Olga Pavlenko

Olga Pavlenko was born 11.07.2002

Diagnosis: High degree cystic fibrosis.

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Olga Pavlenko

Thanks to everyone who supports and helps me! Thanks to you, when I wake up, I can get up on my own, breathe and lead an active lifestyle! I am already 18, which means that I was lucky to live longer than other children with a similar diagnosis. In Ukraine, the average life expectancy with cystic fibrosis is 14-16 years.

Of course, every year it becomes more and more difficult for me to breathe, the dose of medications and the number of inhalations increase. The viscous sputum is getting worse and worse and clogging the lungs more and more, without inhalations and pills I can no longer cough it up on my own. But I do not give up and continue to do daily inhalations, breathing exercises and take all the necessary medications.

Olga Pavlenko

I will not survive without expensive drugs! Thank God, when I feel very tight, you come to the rescue and save me! Indeed, every year the dosage of drugs that must be taken only increases, and accordingly, the amounts for their purchase become unaffordable. At least twice a year, I need to undergo antibiotic therapy with expensive antibiotics so that I can lead a full life. The cost of one inpatient treatment exceeds 25,000 hryvnia. Alas, my family has no such income.

Now I am in the 4th year of medical college and dream of being useful to society. Alas, I don’t know how my fate will turn out after graduating from college. Will I be able to work in my specialty in a hospital and help other people?

At the moment I am on distance learning. I practically do not leave the house so as not to get sick and not to aggravate my condition. On New Year's Eve, I need to undergo antibacterial treatment - unfortunately, due to the current situation, I will have to undergo it at home, so as not to put my life at risk once again. The knowledge that I gained in medicine will be necessary for me personally more than ever. Thanks to the foundation, I now have a dropper stand and a pulse oximeter! The only thing left to do was to find money to purchase antibiotics.

Olga Pavlenko

Without the help of kind people and foundations, I will not be able to complete a full course of antibiotic therapy. I am very uncomfortable asking, but without help I will not be able to breathe and live! I have only one life, despite all the difficulties, I value it madly and love it. Please help me!

The Olga resides in Dnipro city.

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