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From the country side to the capital or summer in the middle of winter

March 9, 2017, 21:00 1986 Author: Yuliya Kleha deti.zp.ua Fun adventures of the Club in Kharkiv

The world is great and diverse. But not everyone has a chance to see this for themselves. It can be particularly difficult for people who live in small villages. Life in the village is very different from life in big cities. Kids who grow up in the countryside are used to physical activity and spending a lot of time in nature, but they are also not used to large crowds of people.

As they become teenagers, many kids living in the countryside start dreaming about large cities, but their parents often cannot afford such trips. This is why the Happy Child Fund has for years been organizing fun trips for kids from different social backgrounds, especially those who can least afford it. This time, the trip was made possible due to a contribution by the Ukrainian Charity Exchange (UBB).

Peculiarities of winter trips

Naturally, travelling to a northern town in the winter is not easy. Such trips require a positive attitude, warm clothes, and readiness to endure cold temperatures. So it came as no surprise that cold Kharkiv surprised our young travelers and their chaperones. But the situation quickly improved once we entered the aqua park.

Fun on water – a source of great mood and health

Kharkiv Aqua Park always brings positive emotions. It has rides for kids of all ages, a large swimming pool, warm clean water, and saunas. Time flies when you are here. The aqua park also has a nice kitchen, which combines a clean, comfortable environment, low prices, and home cooked meals.

Staying in Kharkiv

The hostel where we stayed also positively impressed our travelers. It was inexpensive, centrally located, and housed in a beautiful new building. The hostel was well furnished, reasonably priced, and well located next to a supermarket and bus stops. The hostel gave our troops a chance to recover, sleep, wash up, eat, process new impressions, and get ready for a site seeing tour of the old part of town.

Interesting science or paradox-show at the Karazin University

Development and education are integral parts of the trips which our Club organizes. This time the kids got to learn about physics and tried to make sense of a few “miracles”. Our boys and girls were ready for the challenge, actively participating in the experiments and putting forth interesting theories which in their views could explain the observed phenomena. The experiments and the wonderful hostess who helped us with them were extremely well received not only by the kids, but also by the adults who accompanied them.\

A nice lunch in preparation for a productive evening

It’s very important to stay well-nourished while travelling in the winter. This is why we made sure to take our charges to Puzata Khata, their favorite restaurant which prepares very good home cooked meals. After lunch we had more fun activities in store.

The mall – a place where everyone can find entertainment

Winter can be tough: cold weather, slippery roads, and early darkness can be difficult to handle, but not for our travelers in the big city! This time had fun at the Duffy Mall. Everyone was able to find something to do here. We found a huge movie theater which was showing several movies, a skating rink, and a multitude of stores.

From the author

After this, we had a nice dinner and headed to the train station. During the trip home, tired but happy kiddos happily chatted and shared newly created memories with each other.

I remind you that the journey End the work with the donations of people and parents who are able to pay the full cost of the trip.

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