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Successes of Aaron Kiyan

November 14, 2017, 18:00 1916 Author: Olga Vovk www.deti.zp.ua Our son, with the help of past rehabilitation, began to sleep at night and understand his parents. Now is the best time for new rehabilitation courses.


Mom of Aaron shares with us new achievements of her little son, they are really striking. We hope this is only the beginning of his great success.

"Hello, our friends are magicians! We want to tell our news about Aaronushka. Thanks to your help and support, we have passed 3 courses of Tomatis in Kharkov for bio-acoustic correction of the brain and its stimulation. Thanks to it, we restored the functionality of sleep, the sense of vision has been improved. I want to remind you that Aaron slept for 4 hours a day, which led to convulsive readiness, it became dangerous for us to stimulate our sense of vision. It could lead to convulsions. Medication, prescribed to restore sleep, did not help.

Now Aaronchik sleeps at night, the encephalogram has recovered, he began to understand us. Since Aaron does not see fully, he tries to look narrowly and looks down, he had a "paresis" neck. It was hard to him to straighten.

We passed the course according to Sandakov's method and now Aaronchik tries to keep his neck even. Now it will be necessary to keep this result and to achieve successes in the development of speech. Therefore, we need to take 3 courses a year. In the summer, a course of rehabilitation was held in the city of Lviv, in the medical center "Innovo". We were very pleased with the results of rehabilitation specialists and the excellent dynamics for the year.

All tasks that were recommended for the physical and intellectual development were fulfilled! Aaron demonstrated everything an A plus. Many sessions were given to coordination, we were increased the workload. Sensory integration gave to Ronechka a lot of new skills and socialization. Rehabilitation therapist told us that Aaron had become to see better, to pay attention to objects, to orient in the space very well.

Thanks to the dynamics in development, we were assigned a new course "Early Relief-Rehabilitation for the Blind and Ill-sighted Children", in the "Light of Hope" center, village Old Skalat of Ternopil region, its cost is 9 000 hryvnia. Unfortunately, we do not collect such amount by ourselves, so we really need your help! All the money that we earn, we spend for development of our kid.

Thank you very much, my dear, for your charitable hearts, for the opportunity to be treated important rehabilitation. We believe that with your help, our Aaronchik will be like all children - go to kindergarten and to the school. Deepest gratitude! "

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