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We ask for help in creating a sports team for internally displaced orphans from family-type children’s home!

November 10, 2017, 19:00 2582 Author: Yulia Doykova www.deti.zp.ua Here are very talented and talkative children who are taken on the task of raising by adoptive parents from orphanage.

I’ve known a family of Nataliia Tsyhanenko for a long time. She’s a brave person who adopted 6 orphans and left with them from dangerous Donets’k to Zaporizhia in the beginning of the war. Despite everything she had gotten through Nataliia is a happy and kind woman. She always has time for teaching and bringing up her children. By the way, these children are the winners of the talent show for orphans “Keys to family happiness-2017”. Talented children amazed every member of the jury of the competition. You can meet the children here:

1. Competition "Keys to Family Happiness - 3" - Family-type children's home of Natalia Tsyganenko from Donetsk region

2. Competition "Keys to Family Happiness - 3" - Two more talented sisters from the family of Tsyganenko Natalia: Alinochka and Dasha!

3. Competition "Keys to Family Happiness - 3" - One video story about a child from the family, Natalia Tsyganenko, immigrants from the Donetsk region

By the way, Nataliia won in the category “Second mother” of the competition “Oleksandrivs’k award-2017”

Today she is asking for help:

Good afternoon! There are 6 children in our family. We went to the hospitable city of Zaporizhia 2 years ago and liked it immediately! For 1 year we had been living in rooms for internally displaced persons in a small house that used to be a kindergarten.

Nowadays the reconstruction of 4 apartments for 4 family-type children’s homes with 40 orphans is going to be finished soon.

And we start living in this apartment in December!! Special departments have provided us with furniture. We’ve already had a big room that is called “a sports room”, but it’s totally empty. But it would be nice if children could invite their friends and train on the climbing frames and exercise equipment, play tennis. Full sportive development of children is our great dream! Please, help us realize it and bring up healthy youthful inheritance of Zaporizhia!!

Respectfully, Family-type children’s home of Tsyhanenko.

Contact phone of Natalia: +38 099 790 84 82

Full amount for creating a sports room: 1 200 USD

Somebody might be able to donate the following equipment for children:

– Climbing frames;

– Mat 2m*1m*0,05m;

– Pin-pong table;

– Hula-hooping;

– Velosimulator;

– Pilates machine;

– Barbell;

– Treadmill.

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Tymofii Lapkov

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