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Electricity dependence that ruins your life

November 16, 2018, 18:40 1849 Author: Olha Vovk Tanya's escape from home prison costs 4650 USD. This is the price of a new portable oxygen concentrator. Your support is truly life-saving!

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Tanya dreams about very simple things such as a walk in the park or traveling to other cities. This young woman wishes she could go out and see her friends. However, such every day activities are absolutely impossible for Tanya.

Every year breathing is becoming more and more challenging for Tanya without a regular and proper antibiotic therapy. She has to live with cystic fibrosis every single day. Tanya is constantly suffering from the lack of oxygen. She is basically plugged into the socket of the oxygen device day and night. This 25-year old girl barely has any strength to go to the nearest store. Her skin usually turns blue after even short walks. Tanya often has to be carried home or even to the hospital in her husband’s arms.

Thanks to oxygen equipment Tanya can enjoy her usual daily routine and hobbies. She cannot sit idly. Tanya loves experimenting in the kitchen and pampering her spouse with something extra delicious. Although Tanya’s condition makes her stay home 24 hours a day – there is a real chance to change it with a portable oxygen concentrator.

Tanya has shares her feelings with us: “I’ve got a stationary oxygen concentrator and wish so much I had a portable one. I can’t risk and take any long walks. My hospital is pretty far away, so every time I’m scared of choking on my way there. I often faint. I’d really like to consult experts in cystic fibrosis somewhere else and try some new treatment but can’t do that without oxygen supply. I dream of freedom! I’d love to go to the seaside. The sea climate is highly beneficial for people with cystic fibrosis. Last year my friend invited me to visit her at the seaside but I had to say no...I am not giving up and hope people will support my fund-raising campaign, so I could make my dream come true.”

According to the regional chief pulmonologist Tatyana Okul - progressive lung diseases can significantly shorten lifespan of CF patients. The average life expectancy among patients in Ukraine is 15-16 years. The people diagnosed with cystic fibrosis have to be monitored to avoid any possible health complications (for instance, bronchial infection). That’s why an individual oxygen concentrator is a must for every CF patient!

Life of CF patients is nothing but severe restrictions. Unlike most people who start their day with a cup of coffee – people with cystic fibrosis have to run important procedures such as inhalations, physiotherapy and breathing exercises. Food is another big challenge for someone diagnosed with this dangerous disorder. You should always calculate the amount of consumed fat and enzymes (Creon capsules) which is necessary for painless digestion. Every day consists of 12-50 pills and up to 8 inhalations. A typical evening doesn’t really differ from the morning. Despite every day challenges – the people with CF try to live their lives to the fullest.

A twenty-seven year old Anna and CF patient shares her happy news with us: I used to stay home most of the time and suffered from panic attacks. The portable oxygen concentrator has really changed my life. I can finally travel, visit my relatives and even drive! Life has got so much brighter for me!

Our Tanya is a real warrior! She’s just got married and looks forward to a long and happy life. Let’s help this beautiful young woman to escape from her home isolation. We need to raise 130,000 UAH to buy a new portable oxygen concentrator. We can do it together!

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