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Inna Dragun - a fighter whose will cannot be broken!

July 15, 2019, 22:30 1606 Author: Natalya Moroz, translated by Anna Sch www.deti.zp.ua Fundraising is closed due to the death of a child! Inna has finished her earthly journey. Sincere condolences to family.

At the Kyiv Institute of Cancer, doctors prescribed two or three courses with Keytruda (pembrolizumab) immunotherapy. But it was urgently necessary to begin chemotherapy first. Inna tolerated the first two courses well! The third course produced toxicity. She was nauseous and couldn’t eat for fifteen days. The time came to choose a wig and headscarves.

Older sister Ilona wrote: “We used to rely only on our own strength. But we did not know where to get so much money! For us, the generosity of ordinary strangers came as a great and pleasant surprise. I thank everyone who cares about Inna with us. Thank you for financial support! I hadn’t realized that so many good people exist in the world! People collect money in a church in my town. We even received help from others who also battled cancer. I write again that Inna is a fighter! And she very rarely shows weakness. In her eyes, even when she is very ill, there is the will to LIVE and the brilliance of boundless energy shines! We often reminisce on the phone about our childhood — with disguises, performances, and celebrations with our family! Even after I formed my own family, we continued to meet because sisters are my treasure, my other children! Unfortunately, many of Inna's friends and classmates turned away from her. Although I now live far away, I still try to support Inna, as her big sister, with my prayers! I believe that we are not alone!”

With the help of many people, we collected money for one course of immunotherapy and it’s done. Her health is improving and her appetite returned. Her body needs to recuperate after chemotherapy — skin rashes, inflamed veins, low hemoglobin count, etc. Inna continues to joke, dream, make plans for the future, and remain optimistic! Being a sporty girl, she is waiting for her spine to heal so that she can move freely without pain. Because she missed her high school graduation, she wants to arrange a photo session in a beautiful dress, to remember that life is so beautiful and amazing!

Please, help our beautiful Inna to survive in order to give her opportunity to enjoy youth and life!

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