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Happy Home #3 in Ukrainka finally has gas service!

February 9, 2020, 15:05 819 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua The largest house in the children’s ecovillage in Ukrainka is free of problems with gas cylinders, and heating is simpler.

We completed the construction of Happy Home #3 in the children’s ecovillage in Ukrainka in 2016, but the house was heated only by wood, and families used compressed natural gas for cooking. For a large family with adopted children, all this led to unnecessary worries and risks.

We began connecting to the gas system in winter 2018. Even though underground gas already line passed nearby, the connection process was both expensive and a bureaucratic nightmare. We had a rough time with ZaporizhGaz company and its Tokmak and Mykhailivsky branches which dragged out every stage for months. In overcoming the seventh circle of Hades, we finally managed to complete the connection after a year and a half.

Thanks to support from the caring man Vladimir, we paid all connection fees and purchased a modern double-loop gas boiler. Significant charity assistance was provided to us by the company StroGaz of Zaporizhzhia. These people donated all labor, materials, and equipment, competently laid about 100 meters of pipe into the ground, and connected all equipment. We are sincerely grateful to all the people from StroGaz and especially to their chief, Oleksiy Fydria.

We have ordered service for Happy Home #4. We really hope that the monopolist ZaporizhGaz will stop dragging out the process and in spring 2020 we will be able to start gas service into this home of a large foster family. For you, a connection is very easy when you donate what you can. We gratefully acknowledge all contributions.

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