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From America, through a surrogate mother to a loving family

August 21, 2020, 11:21 3965 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua Brizzy's story and finding a loving family for a child with a huge lust for life.

The story of the young orphan Irmgard Bridget made a noise all over Ukraine and far beyond its borders. A child born by a surrogate mother, despite a positive prognosis and a well-proceeding pregnancy, was born with multiple pathologies. She could not breathe on her own, eat, was connected to artificial life support devices.

The biological parents wrote a refusal from their daughter and asked to disconnect her from the devices. The child survived and even went on the mend. From the hospital, the baby was transferred to the baby's house, you can get acquainted with the girl's profile on our website.

Despite all the trials, the baby is distinguished by a great love of life, she develops, rejoices, and makes great strides. Brizzy is a disabled child. She lags behind her peers, but the staff of the institution where Irmgard is brought up says that the girl's intelligence is preserved.

For effective rehabilitation, the baby needs not only high-quality rehabilitation and work with specialists, but also a loving family. Love and care work wonders. Brizzy is included in the international adoption program, but perhaps the family she needs lives with us, in Ukraine. After all, it was here that the girl was born, survived in spite of everything, began to develop, and declared herself to the whole world.

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