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Violetta Kim, born in 2015 - Sensorineural hearing loss 3-4 stage

November 27, 2020, 14:21 209 Author: Yana Lobanok Modern hearing aids are Violetta's chance to break out of the world of endless silence.

Violetta Kim

Violetta Kim, born in 28.09.2015

Diagnosis: Right-sided sensorineural hearing loss stage 3, left-sided sensorineural hearing loss stage 4

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When five-year-old Violetta was first put on hearing aids, she froze. Tears glistened in his eyes. The girl found herself in the world of sounds!

Hearing problems were not noticed immediately, so the diagnosis of "hearing loss of 3-4 degrees" was established only a month ago. The baby was born completely healthy, she began to speak early. And at the age of three she had a cold, which gave complications to her ears. Doctors admit that the girl's pathology is congenital, and the disease has only accelerated the loss of hearing. All parental visits to medical institutions ended with a diagnosis of mental retardation. And, indeed, Violetta did not speak well, did not really answer questions, and all attempts to learn ended in screaming and crying. No one thought that the girl had a hard time hearing. Only when the baby herself began to make the sound of the TV louder did it become clear that she needed to be examined.

Violetta Kim

Violetta lives in her own special world. She is scared among strangers, she is shy and becomes withdrawn. But at home, in the company of two brothers, the girl comes to life. She is comfortable with her family: they talk to her loudly, use facial expressions and gestures. But it doesn't have to be that way! Violetta has her whole life ahead of her! And hearing aids for a girl are a ticket to a completely different world - the world of sounds, music and communication.

The cost of hearing aids of 70,000 hryvnia is something of a fantasy for a large family with a very modest income. And without them, in endless silence, the girl will not be able to learn to speak, develop on a par with her peers and easily understand others.

Help Violetta hear the sounds of life! Give her a chance to escape from her special world of endless silence!

Family lives in Zaporozhye city.

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