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Misha Zavorotnii, born in 2018 - Organic damage to the central nervous system, childhood autism

February 22, 2021, 15:35 240 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua The boy lives in his own world, closed from strangers. But he really needs our help!

Misha Zavorotnii

Misha Zavorotnii, born in 16.05.2018

Diagnosis: Organic damage to the central nervous system, childhood autism


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The bright light hurts the eyes, the strong smell does not allow breathing, and the loud sound hurts the head. The senses are strained to the limit. The only desire is for all this to end as soon as possible. What is it? We were momentarily immersed in the feelings of people with autism. They feel the world more sharply, and they need to be taught to live with us.

On one of the most ordinary days, Misha changed dramatically. In place of the carefree smile of a child, endless hysteria and anxiety arose. The boy cried all day and did not sleep at night. He stopped playing with toys and responding to his name. The only thing Misha was interested in was food. He was ready to eat without interruption, without feeling full.

Studies have shown that Misha has an autism spectrum disorder. In this state, the child “withdraws into himself,” forgets all the previously acquired skills. Interaction with the outside world becomes incredibly difficult for him. In order for Misha not to shut down completely, he needs regular classes with specialists. The main task of rehabilitation is to teach him to distinguish between emotions, to control his mood, to help him master basic self-care skills.

Misha Zavorotnii

Already two months after rehabilitation, the boy began to look out of his cocoon. There was a curiosity in his eyes. Exercises with a balance board became enjoyable, and musical toys and a ball became interesting. The kid again learned to climb the stairs and jump, began to respond to his name! Misha began to examine himself in the mirror and understand that he sees his own reflection, and not just a moving object.

In order not to lose the achieved results and adapt to everyday life, Misha needs to constantly undergo rehabilitation. Without regular classes, the boy will experience an extreme degree of self-isolation and zero skills in self-care.

We are opening a camp for 65 correction sessions. We are sure that they will bring Misha closer to the desired healthy life! Please support the boy!

March 11 on the platform dobro.ua project started "Beyond the Senses". Therefore, you can also help the boy on the website of our partners.

The family lives in Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region.

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