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Good news and new needs of the neonatal anesthesia and intensive care unit

March 30, 2021, 17:35 497 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua We continue to provide assistance to the smallest patients of the children's hospital.

Good news and new needs of the neonatal anesthesia and intensive care unit

Among the many requests for help, we are especially happy to talk about the results of the fund's work. In March 2021, thanks to the project «We are hungry!», the collection for which is still in progress dobro.ua, fund purchased medications that support the vital functions of babies, for Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital. The Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care of Newborns received 53 vials of Aminoven and 40 vials of Smoflipid. We hope this help will significantly support premature babies.

Good news and new needs of the neonatal anesthesia and intensive care unit

But, unfortunately, the needs of the department do not end there. The painstaking work of a team of professionals cannot save a baby's life if there are no proper supplies or drugs in the hospital department. Now in the Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital, the situation is like this again. Five just-born children, whose parents are in difficult life circumstances (and some are simply not interested in the state of their child), are waiting for support! This "lucky five" requires consumables and drugs for a considerable amount!

Good news and new needs of the neonatal anesthesia and intensive care unit

As always, breathing circuits and catheters for parenteral nutrition, the cost of which for everyone is 720 dollars. We need some medicines worth almost 215 dollars and special baby food, because everyone was born with insufficient weight.

In addition, daily medical supplies are needed: suction catheters, systems, filters, examination gloves, extension cords. For every child in a week and in one thousand it is not enough! So it turns out that the life of babies is very expensive!

And the head of the department, Ivan Alexandrovich Anikin, separately asked for help in purchasing cuffs. The stocks of those that we bought last year are already running out.

Good news and new needs of the neonatal anesthesia and intensive care unit

No matter how much I would like to measure the life of a child by the amount of hryvnia and bottles of medicine! But, unfortunately, newborns with pathologies of varying complexity cannot recover without financial support! Today the fund needs more than 1080 dollars to support the neonatal intensive care unit. And in order not to worry the next time when a request for help comes from the hospital, we ask you to regularly support the department. You can do it here:

P.S. When we wrote this post, a person who has repeatedly supported this direction of the fund's work, once again helped us by donating 1080 dollars. But this does not mean at all that we have forever solved the issue of helping kids! Your support is essential to saving a new life! And maybe tomorrow!

Support our project «We are hungry!» on the dobro.ua, which will help provide the neonatal intensive care unit with essential parenteral nutrition for at least a year.

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