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Andrey Boychenko, born in 2005 - Embryonic CNS tumor

April 5, 2021, 20:21 1341 Author: Natalia Moroz Fighting cancer is physically and mentally exhausting. Comprehensive support is what is needed for families where the child is fighting for his right to life.

Andrey Boychenko

Andrey Boychenko, born in 14.10.2005

Diagnosis: Embryonic tumor of the central nervous system.

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Andrey Boychenko

Andrey Boychenko, like many of his peers, studies remotely, sends completed assignments to teachers, and even takes part in an online Olympiad in English. In his free time, the guy is fond of composing heroes from Star Wars from parts. He also dreams of a beagle dog.

Yulia Boychenko is fond of a variety of creativity: she draws pictures by numbers, is engaged in diamond mosaics, beads and embroidery. Through the expensive treatment of her son Andrei, she began selling her paintings and decorative pillows over the Internet in order to earn at least a little and save her child's life.

In March 2020, the guy started complaining of headaches. The family went to the doctors, but heard in response that the child was simply too lazy to go to school. Then we got a referral for an MRI of the brain. There, a guy was found to have a huge tumor...

Andrey Boychenko

After the terrible news, they immediately confided in the doctors from the Institute of Neurosurgery. Romodanov. There Andrei already underwent a complex operation to remove the tumor. More than one team of surgeons took part in the eight-hour operation. The operation was successful. But, as the result of histology showed, the tumor turned out to be malignant. Subsequently, Andrei was prescribed treatment at the National Cancer Institute. He underwent six blocks of chemotherapy and 30 sessions of radiation therapy in Okhmatdet. Surveys were carried out after every two blocks. The dynamics of treatment was positive.

A month after the radiation therapy, the head and the entire spine were examined. The MRI again showed a tumor in the left head. This meant that the disease did not recede.

Andrey Boychenko

In January 2021, a second operation had to be performed. Now Andrei has already completed 3 blocks of chemotherapy, 6 more and radiation therapy is ahead. Treatment and examination costs a lot. We ask for help with paying for the examination cost 350 dollars

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

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