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Denis Vecherny's treatment continues

June 2, 2021, 15:54 185 Author: Yana Lobanok About 260 dollars is needed every month.

Denis Vecherny's treatment continues

Denis's treatment was stalled for four whole months. High-dose "chemistry" is constantly being delayed due to a fungal infection in his lungs. Denis regularly undergoes CT scans, the pictures show positive dynamics, but the infection still does not give up. In addition to antifungal drugs, Denis is taking supportive "chemistry" in pills. This is necessary to contain the underlying disease - lymphoblastic leukemia.

After three years of chemotherapy, the boy's immunity is completely at zero. Therefore, when quarantine was introduced in the hematology department, Denis was sent home. Fresh air, sunshine, native courtyard and home - this is happiness! Small happiness of a sick child who has not been at home for almost six months!

Denis needs to return to the department in mid-June. After the examination, the further tactics of treatment will be clear: continue to fight the fungus or start chemotherapy.

Together with you, we have already provided assistance to Denis in the amount of over 440 dollars. But the treatment continues, and in a month he needs Etoposide again, as well as CT and MRI examinations. And this is about 260 dollars. Help our hero in his fight!

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