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Misha Gudko's treatment continues

July 22, 2021, 16:11 534 Author: Yana Lobanok The next stage of treatment is rehabilitation.

Misha Gudko

Misha has been fighting cancer for over a year. He underwent treatment in Ukraine for seven months, then another six months in Turkey.

At the end of May this year, Misha underwent a follow-up examination at the Istanbul clinic "Acibaden Maslak." The results showed that the metastases in the spine disappeared. In the brain, where there was a tumor, everything is fine. Treatment in Turkey was successful and the disease went into remission. !

During chemotherapy and radiation therapy in Kiev, Misha lost his speech and ability to move. Therefore, the next stage of treatment is rehabilitation.

At the time of discharge from the Turkish clinic, Misha had a tracheostomy, which was the main reason for the refusal of many rehabilitation centers in Ukraine. It was decided to start the boy's recovery in the Greek clinic "Anagennisi", and after a while to return home. Misha is a difficult patient. In addition to the rehabilitation itself, he needs constant monitoring by an oncologist and a neurologist, and regular examinations. The Greek clinic has all the necessary specialists.

Misha Gudko

The first successes in treatment have already been made: Misha's tracheostomy was removed. He also began to scream sometimes and even cry during the procedures. For Misha, this is a good sign: the brain gives the right command for unpleasant actions.

Together with you, we partially paid for the treatment in Greece and transferred 4430 dollars to the clinic.

Thank you for supporting Misha on the foundation's website and on the platform dobro.ua! The opportunity to study further gives hope for the boy's recovery!

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