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July 28, 2021, 18:22 98 Author: Natalia Moroz Another eye operation is another chance for Aaron Keyan to see new colors of life.

Aaron Keyan

July 8, 2021 to Aaron Keyanu surgery was performed on the left eye. 8 years ago, the same surgical intervention was performed on a completely blind child in the Children's City Hospital No. 19 named after K.A. Rauchfus, St. Petersburg, made it possible to achieve light perception and contour vision. Every year, Aaron is checked by an ophthalmologist. Since the time of the operation, a fibrous film has formed on the child's left eye, and its accelerated growth threatened to completely close the pupil. The latest examination showed that it is impossible to hesitate any longer! An urgent reoperation was needed. Such corrections of vision for children have recently begun to be carried out in the Kiev ophthalmological clinic "Noviy Zir", where the Keian family turned. The postoperative period was not easy: pain, every hour of instillation, and due to the fact that Aaron had already matured and was not allowed to dig in, he had to fix his hands.

Aaron Keyan

The other day Aaron has another control examination in Kiev. Natalya Keian is worried that the blood clots formed in the eye after the operation do not dissolve. And this is fraught with repeated surgery. But, despite the difficult rehabilitation period, it is already clear that Aaron began to react differently to light.

We are grateful to the fund Maya's Hope for a quick response in payment for the operation! Thank you for supporting families with "special" children for a long time!

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