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Dmitry Lobach, born in 2007 - Consequences of traumatic brain injury, secondary purulent meningitis, dysfunction of the cerebrospinal fluid-shunting system

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Dmitry Lobach

Dmitry Lobach, born in 05.10.2007

Diagnosis: Consequences of traumatic brain injury, secondary purulent meningitis, dysfunction of the cerebrospinal fluid-shunting system.


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In March 2021, Dima decided to ride a motorcycle with his dad. At some point, a stump appeared on the way, which dad did not notice. As a result, both flew off the motorcycle. Dad got by with bruises, but Dima got more. For three months of treatment of the consequences of a severe traumatic brain injury in the hospital, Dima stood firm: operations were performed to remove fragments of the right temporoparietal region and the resulting hematoma on the left. Due to the development of post-traumatic hydrocephalus, a decision was made to insert a shunt. On June 16, 2021, Dima was discharged home with normal indicators. And everything seemed to work out further: the guy began to speak, tried to sit on his own, and all the relatives thought that the worst was over.

Dmitry Lobach

Two weeks after being discharged, Dima was again in the intensive care unit of the ZOKDB. Due to complications, the previously delivered shunt clogged, which provoked the development of secondary meningitis. Now Dima is in intensive care, and his condition still leaves much to be desired.

Parents coped for a long time on their own, but now they turned to the fund with a request to pay for the expensive antibiotic Linezolid. The previous treatment did not show any noticeable improvement. Today the hope is for this particular drug. The course of treatment requires 20 bottles, which is more than 10,000 hryvnia375 dollars. The fund has already purchased half of it urgently, but about 225 dollars more are needed to purchase the remaining 10 bottles at the beginning of next week.

Support Dima! Help him get back to his normal life and his favorite sport!

The family lives in the Zaporozhye region, Priazovsky district

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