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Alina Shcherbak

October 31, 2023, 18:00 1207 Author: Natalia Moroz Fundraising has stopped! The funds required for the operation have been collected! Thank you all for your support!

Alina Shcherbak

Alina Shcherbak, born on January 13, 2012

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, bilateral flexion contractures of the knee joints.

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WARNING! AS OF 12/20/2023: The funds necessary for the operation have been collected! Thank you all for your support!

Alina Shcherbak

We're already familiar with Alina. The girl has cerebral palsy, and two years ago, we helped her family purchase special aids – orthoses. At that time, Alina was just learning to walk with the help of a walker. And today, she's an active and quite fast user of it. She walks a lot and with great pleasure.

Before the full-scale war, Alina regularly underwent rehabilitation at centers across Ukraine: the Kozyavkin International Clinic, the Yatsenko Center in Kyiv, the Kharkiv Institute of Prosthetics, the "Ioanniv Center" RC. The war has had its impact and a negative effect on Alina's overall condition. But this fragile and brave girl finds the strength for rehabilitation, studies, and hobbies. During the war, her family remained in their hometown of Zaporizhzhia, and a rehabilitation specialist worked with the girl at home. The family was never able to travel to rehabilitation centers in other cities. During the summer, Alina attended a summer school under the UNICEF program, where she, along with her peers, improved her knowledge of mathematics, the Ukrainian language, and English.

Alina Shcherbak

Now, Alina is 11 years old, studying remotely in the 5th grade. She studies diligently, loves to play, and communicate with other children. Due to her growth, she now requires surgical intervention – femoral extensor osteotomy. This procedure will straighten the shortening of her right leg and correct the collapse of her feet. Her family hopes that this operation will bring the little beauty closer to her cherished dream – to walk!

We kindly ask everyone who cares to help us purchase a set of implants for one leg, worth 35,000 UAH (about $970 US dollars), for the operation at the clinic named after Rudenko in Dnipro city. The operation is scheduled for the end of November, so time is running out!

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