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"Cool things" by September 1

September 10, 2021, 19:21 127 Author: Yana Lobanok New hearing aids for Lera Skoda have been bought!

Lera Skoda

The most enjoyable part of our work is reporting successful camp closings. It is doubly pleasant when urgent gatherings are closed by a certain date. On the hearing aid for Lera Skoda we collected this way!

Lera's hearing decreased and she urgently needed to replace her hearing aids with more sensitive ones. The girl's most valuable asset, speech, was in jeopardy. The deadline was set to September 1, at the beginning of the school year. And the miracle happened! It took a little more than a month to collect 30 thousand hryvnias. We paid for one hearing aid, and the second was purchased by the Dzherelo school, where Lera studies. On August 31, the "extra ears" nestled comfortably on the girl's native ears. Thank you, dear Lerin wizards. There were almost a hundred of you! You are incredible!

Lera Skodaа

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