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A family with 8 children has found a new home, but still needs support!

November 15, 2021, 15:55 393 Author: Albert Pavlov The large family of Bogdan and Natalia Kucheruk, whose house burned down, now lives in Schaslyve dom-5 in Lyubimovka. Everyone can support the family!

A family with 8 children has found a new home, but still needs support!

Hooray! The large family of Bogdan and Natalia from Dnipro with 8 children, whose house burned down, moved to a house in Lyubimovka, built thanks to the support of the Happy Child Foundation. Children, 4 girls and 4 boys, aged from 2.5 to 13 years old, spent about one and a half months in the orphanage, but now they are back in the family.

But it is too early for us to relax, as the family continues to be in a crisis situation. For a stable family life, according to the minimum estimates, you need about 760-950 dollars per month. Bogdan has already started looking for a job today, but it is necessary to live to see the first salary. Benefits for children, about 6 thousand UAH for all, will not come earlier than in a month. Now the family has absolutely no money, and although the Christian Church of Vasilyevka helped with food, this supply will only last for 3-4 days.

A family with 8 children has found a new home, but still needs support!

Your support is very necessary! You can give the family the necessary food, diapers for a 2.5-year-old child, clothes. You also need wood, briquettes or coal for heating. We need furniture of acceptable quality, first of all wardrobes, beds, study tables. You need a refrigerator and at least one computer or laptop for online learning. You need to pay for the Internet (8 USD per month). funds are needed to pay for electricity and water.

You can contact us by phone 093 266 34 21 (viber) and discuss the transfer of things and products, or make a donation.

A family with 8 children has found a new home, but still needs support!

Perhaps one of the farmers, entrepreneurs, or large companies could take over the patronage of this family - after all, it is better to help this family get on its feet than to finance the upkeep of children in boarding schools (and this is 10 times more expensive and very traumatic for children!).

We will be grateful to journalists and bloggers for publishing in the media!

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