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I have an idea: a trip to Kiev for children from low-income large rural families

December 8, 2021, 19:32 790 Author: Albert Pavlov Hostels, hotels, entertainment centers and just kind people - help the children see the capital of Ukraine!

I have an idea: a trip to Kiev for children from low-income large rural families

I appeal to the residents of Kiev and not only!

Friends, as it turned out, among the children in the countryside, only a few were in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. As they say, it is better to see once than hear or read a hundred times in a textbook, so we are planning a trip to Kiev for children from the Rozdolsk community of the Zaporozhye region. We want to take children from large families for free, children from ordinary families - at the cost of the trip.

Roughly, we plan to stay in Kiev for 2 days (1 night in a hostel, 2 nights on a train). Visit the most interesting museums, stroll through iconic places, feel the spirit of this city. The exact date has not yet been determined, I will clarify as the organization progresses.

Your help is very much needed to implement the plan:

- hostels, hotels or guest apartments - can help in placing our group;

- cafes and other catering establishments - to help us feed the children;

- organizers of excursions, interesting museums and tourist sites, entertainment centers, cinemas, skating rinks, aquariums, water parks - to help organize children's leisure;

- you can enroll your child by making an additional contribution for a child from a large family (+8 or more dollar to the cost price);

- everyone can help pay for the trip of a child from a large family (the estimated cost of the trip is 45-55 dollars)

Write your ideas and wishes by phone +38 093 266 34 21 (viber)

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