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Klubok tourist project opens the 2022 season

February 7, 2022, 21:35 691 Author: Albert Pavlov 12 children from rural large families visited Kiev.

Tangle opens the 2022 season

To visit the capital of your country is more important and more useful than reading about it a hundred times in a textbook. On January 27, 2022, despite all the fears and concerns, we showed Kiev to 12 children from large families and foster families from the Rozdil community of the Zaporozhye region and 2 children from ordinary families.

The guys visited the capital for the first time, and many were on the train for the first time! We walked through the most famous places in the center of Kiev, visited the Experimentanium Museum. Unfortunately, a one-day excursion is a rather serious test of endurance, and we physically did not have time to visit the Natural History Museum either.

We sincerely thank Roman, Svetlana, Yuri and everyone who supported our Klubok - children's tourism and education financially and gave the children an unforgettable experience!

We hope to show the capital and other interesting places of Ukraine to dozens more children, both from low-income and ordinary families. Children of preferential categories participate in Club activities for free, so we really need your support. You can pay for the participation of one or more children on the trip, the cost of participation of one child is only about $25. I know that there are many travel enthusiasts among readers who can help children from poor rural families see Ukraine.

You can also enroll your child on the trip and support the participation of a benefited child. Our next trip will be in March.

Help financially:

You can also help in organizing meals, accommodation, leisure in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. Write +38 093 266 34 21 (viber)

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