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High-quality education at school, even in war conditions

December 13, 2023, 16:00 133 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua For more comfortable learning, it is necessary to purchase mobile boards and projectors.

Якісне навчання в школі, навіть в умовах війни

Due to the war, schoolchildren in Zaporizhzhia were forced to study online for almost two years. However, the situation is now changing.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, you and I have been consistently supporting the educational complex based on the school and two kindergartens. Initially, it accommodated refugees from the occupied and front-line territories; we provided food, clothing, and hygiene products, and also purchased three dishwashers.

Later, a center of resilience was established in the school. However, resilience needed support, and we provided it by purchasing folding chairs and beds, generators, thermoses, heaters, and even a bio-toilet.

The school needed to restore its school life, and with funds from the local budget, ventilation, lighting, and a stationary bathroom were installed in the shelter, and the walls were renovated. However, the floor was neglected. Once again, you and I came to the rescue by purchasing materials for its repair. We also bought two hundred compact single desks to accommodate the children in the shelter.

Якісне навчання в школі, навіть в умовах війни

Currently, 387 children study twice a week in the shelter, and from January, they plan to increase their stay in the school walls to three days. We are pleased with the results of our joint efforts!

By the New Year, we aim to enhance the quality of children's education even further. To achieve this, we need to purchase three mobile boards and three small projectors. The total expected expenses amount to 30 thousand hryvnias (820 US dollars).

Join us in helping to ensure a comfortable and safe education for the children of Zaporozhye!

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